How to Reinvent Your Jewelry

by Sam P. July 21st, 2016
The other day I found an old necklace in the bottom of my jewelry drawer.  I was going to throw it away and then I realized I could reuse it.  It was a medium length necklace with large chunky fake gems dangling from it
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Casual Bottoms of the Summer

by Sam P. July 14th, 2016
There isn't always much variety in casual bottoms of the summer, what really is there to wear besides shorts?  There are always shortalls and skirts, but you can't really wear those everyday like you can with shorts.  There are, although, many different styles of shorts.  From colored shorts to high-waisted shorts, to flowy lace shorts.  There are a variety of shorts that many people forget about when clothes shopping for the summer.  Everyone gets the traditional jean shorts, and you
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What to Wear to the Beach

by Sam P. July 7th, 2016
Now that we are in the full swing of summer, beach trips are a must.  But, what do you wear?  Typically you have to wear a shirt and shorts over your suit if you don't want to go buy a cover up, but it is much easier than that.  Of course, jean shorts and a simple tank always work, but if you want something lighter, it is time to DIY.

Old sundresses.  They work the same way as the cover up
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  • Swimsuit Styles That Will Make You Look Curvier

    by R. Carnavale June 30th, 2016
    No hips? Flat chest? Sticks for legs? No worries -- when it's time to put on your swimsuit and you weren't born with a Sports Illustrated-style swimsuit body, the results can be devastating. So what if you don't have a curvy silhouette -- with a little bit of strategic planning, you can choose a swimsuit styles that will add curves in just the right places. A
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  • How to Look Festive for the Fourth

    by Sam P. June 23rd, 2016
    The Fourth of July is right around the corner and you want to look as festive as possible for your cookout.  The main thing to tackle is the pattern.  If you have anything with flags on it, wear it.  If not, red, white, and blue work.  You don't have to go out and buy anything though if you don't have any flag plastered shirts.  It is as simple as
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  • Fabulous Heels for Day and Night

    by Anna P. June 16th, 2016
    A good pair of heels are the backbone of every woman's wardrobe. The best heels are always the pairs you can wear with everything in your wardobe. To inspire your next shopping trip, we listed three great pairs of heels that work day or night.

    1- Via Spiga Ettie  Heels ($250.00 at Zappos.com)

    Here is a stylish classic! The Via Spiga Etties Heels show simplicity at its finest with
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