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How to Find Easy Mix and Match Office Wear

by Jessica B.
I spend a lot of time working with corporate clients, and that means I need to spruce  up a bit more than when I work at home. The most important thing for me when choosing office wear is to find some great pieces that I can mix in a variety

Teen Essentials: Converse/Vans

by Sam P.
Every teen needs a pair of comfy, casual sneakers that they can wear with almost anything.  Whether you get converse or vans is your opinion, personally I prefer Converse, but to each their own.  The best thing about Converse is that they look good with anything.  They look great with jeans and a t-shirt, but they look just as

4 Awesome Pea Coats On Sale for Under $50

by Marnie Bii
The wool pea coat was developed as a part of the navy uniform due to its warmth and durability. The double-breasted lapels, overstated buttons and structured profile provide a solid fit and feel that you will love. You can wear this classic jacket over any type of formal or casual wear. You can even pair it with work attire,

10 Whimsical Socks Under $10

by R. Carnavale
If you're looking to purchase socks for yourself or as a practical stocking stuffer for a loved one, you'll agree that a cute pair of socks with a distinctive design can be a low-cost boost to your hosiery collection. While it's easy to hide your socks in a pair of boots, when it comes to your hosiery, the last