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Dress Shirt Into a Skirt Without Sewing

by Sam P.
This is the easiest DIY you may ever make; there are no scissors or sewing required.  All you need for this is an old dress shirt, whether it is yours, your brother's, dad's, or a cheap one you found somewhere.  This will be the easiest skirt you ever make and quite possibly the cutest too.  I like to wear

The Dos and Don’ts of Career Fashion

by Anna P.
There are so many fashion rules about what to wear and what not to wear. The rules extend to almost every aspect of fashion including seasons, casual, dressy, and work.  Although most fashion rules were made to be broken or ignored, there are still a few things you should follow as a rule of thumb. To simplify that process

Teen Fashion: Rings

by Sam P.

Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with rings.  And not just “Oh, I love rings! They're so pretty, but OMG I need to get to the mall now to buy more rings!” Usually I don't bother with buying jewelry since it tends to be far too expensive for what you're getting out of it, but lately it’s all I

Amazing Shift Dresses For Under $50

by Marnie Bii
The shift dress first came into popularity after being showcased by the always-stunning Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' Since then, it's gone through several transformations to become a versatile staple in any woman's closet. You can now find shift dresses in nearly any color combination and material to suit both casual and formal events. Pairing