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The Perfect Fall Accessory

by Sam P.
Fall is the perfect time of year for scarves.  While they look cute and add lots of fun into everyday outfits, they keep you warm.  They transform a basic outfit of jeans and a t-shirt into a much more interesting look.  You can also wear them many ways.  From a basic loop, to infinity scarves, to other interesting look,

5 Sites Offering Comfy Slouchy Beanie Bargains

by Marnie Bii
With fall quickly delivering wind and rain with a vengeance, you might be looking for a way to keep your head toasty warm. The best way to do so is by picking up several different stylish beanies you can wear with nearly any outfit. You can even designate particular beanies for a specific purpose, like walking the dog or

Hair Masks for Under $10

by R. Carnavale
Soften and moisturize your extra dry or over-processed hair with a monthly hair mask treatment. Hair masks result in a deep-conditioning effect on your hair’s outer cuticle and the nourishing ingredients in a hair mask will actually close the hair’s cuticle, leaving even dry, over processed locks looking super shiny and feeling soft and touchable. Applying a mask to

DIY Twine and Nut Bracelet

by Sam P.
When I hear nuts and bolts, I don't think of bracelets, I think of construction.  Well, now I am in a new mindset.  All you need for this cute and easy bracelet is twine and nuts.  The size doesn't really matter, but on the smaller side is better.  You can use gold or silver to your preference.

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