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Sam’s Suggestions on School Mornings

by Sam P.
School mornings can be a slow and painful one.  It may seem as though you will never be ready in time for school, but it's actually rather easy. The trick is to make a routine. Pick the minimal amount of things you need to get done to be ready

4 Places to Buy Cute Bargain Maxi Skirts

by Marnie Bii
The extreme versatility of the maxi skirt makes it a must-have for nearly everyone's wardrobe. This skirt looks great when paired with a casual t-shirt or structured blouse and jacket. As a result, this skirt works wonderfully for events held in any season. You can wear your maxi skirt outfit to fun parties or formal events of all kinds.

Best Shampoos for Damaged Hair for Under $25

by Lana Bandoim
If you have damaged hair, then you know it is a struggle to repair it and stop more damage. The type of shampoo you use can make a big difference, so it is important to find one that is specifically designed for damaged hair. The following shampoos cost less than $25 and offer a variety of solutions to fix

DIY Button Down Dress

by Sam P.

So, I already told you how to wear a brother's, boyfriends, or father's button down shirt as a skirt.  But now here is how to wear it as a dress.  There are a few different styles.  Some easier than others, but none of them require glue, scissors, sewing, any form of altering the shirt.  If you wear an A
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