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4 Ultra Cool High Top Sneakers on Sale

by Marnie Bii
Since high top sneakers complement nearly any outfit, you must have at least one pair in your wardrobe at all times. After all, you can wear your high tops with most dresses, skirts, shorts and any pants style imaginable. Beyond acting as an attractive accessory, high top sneakers are

Best Gradual Tanning Lotions for Under $25

by Lana Bandoim
If you want to recreate summer’s luminous glow, then you can try gradual tanning lotions that do not raise your risk of skin cancer. You can have the look of a tan without the risk of cancer, wrinkles and damaged skin. These gradual tanning lotions are under $25, so you do not break your summer beauty budget.

Jergens Natural Glow

DIY Distressed Shorts

by Sam P.

The distressed and undone look is so in, but so expensive.  And of course it does seem redundant to buy shorts or pants that already have holes in them for more than the ones without holes.  It seems far smarter to me to buy a cheap pair of shorts or jeans and distress them yourself.  It is quick and

5 Affordable Suit Jacket Alternatives

by Jessica B.
If your office has a more relaxed office policy, there are many options for an alternative to a blazer. Wearing a jacket to work can be useful for meetings and occasions where you have to meet with clients. It is also comfortable when the air conditioning is on a bit too high. Here are a few new exciting jackets
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