10 Fashion Tips for the College Guy

by Mackenzie M. | July 14th, 2011 | Fashion

College guys, it is time to step up to the plate. The days when only girls had to look good have been over for some time now. It seems that many college guys did not get the memo. College campuses seem to harbor fashion atrocities at every turn. So let’s get our stuff in order, fellow college men, and start dressing the part. An investment in your appearance is an investment in your future. Here are ten tips and must-have items for the fall semester.

1. Sweatpants are so Nineties. Newsflash: You are no longer allowed to wear sweatpants outside of your dorm, unless for athletic purposes.

2.Being clean is the new ramen noodles. Being clean is a must for the college man of today. The wrinkled shirt look is the quickest way to prevent making friends and getting dates. You made it to college; you are capable of working a washing machine.

3. Avoid clothing with the brand names advertised on them. This is one I learned quickly my freshman year. You are not in high school anymore. Clothes with brand names splashed across the front look tacky, and they go out of style quickly. Stick to plain colored t-shirts, or with a nice, clean pattern.

4. Avoid the “deep v.” Don’t get me wrong, v-necks are in, but v-necks that are too deep make most guys look like a train wreck. Put your chest hair away, and stick with a shallow v.

5. Wear shirts that fit well. On the same note as #4, details matter. Wear a shirt that fits well, and is not too baggy or too tight. A shirt that fits well will make for an immediate improvement.

6. Cargo pants are more out of style than fanny packs. Save the cargo pants for your next nature hike and/or military mission. There are exceptions to the rule, but guys in college really need to avoid cargos, as regular shorts can fit everything you could possibly need to carry.

7. Shorts need to stop at the knee – that’s final. I know that your first wardrobe you bring to college will be made up of your high school clothing, but please ditch the shorts that go past your knee. Knee-length shorts are always in style, and they will make you look clean-cut.

8. No more sneakers. Tennis shoes, sneakers, or whatever you call them, are reserved for athletics only. Have a pair of actual shoes. You will even feel classier when wearing real shoes. I recommend the versatile, and always-stylish, Sperry.

9. Belts. Nothing says, “I care about how I look,” more than a brown leather belt.

10.Groom yourself. You can wear whatever clothes you like, but if you have a scraggly beard and a sizable beer belly, nothing will make you look good.

Remember the old saying, “Dress to impress!”

For more tips on college life, look for my articles in the archives.

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  2. CollegeGirl says:

    These are fabulous style tips for guys. I am so tired of seeing guys wear shorts or pants that show off their boxers and t-shirts with a v so deep that it begs for a big gold chain. I wish more guys would follow these tips!

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