10 Ways to Get Sparklin’ Feet for Under $10

by R. Carnavale | March 27th, 2015 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

feet (400x400)Your toesies are on display now that temperatures are warming up, so you want to make sure your feet look their very best by using products designed to enhance the look and condition of your soles, heels and toes. Fortunately, there several excellent foot care products at wallet-friendly prices, especially if use tried-and-true skin care product lines like Avon. If your feet are dry, wake up to happily hydrated feet with Foot Works Beautiful Lavender Overnight Cream. The product is easy to use –you simply massage into your skin before bedtime. A 3.4-oz tub costs $5.50 on-line.

For dry, cracked heels, try Foot Works Maximum Strength Cracked Heel Cream Bonus Size. The product provides up to twice the skin’s normal amount moisture, helps to soften calluses and it retails for $7.50 for 2.5 fl oz on-line.

If your feet need odor protection, Foot Works Healthy Deodorizing Spray helps control wetness and can be used on feet and footwear. The product costs $7.00 for 3.5 oz on-line.

You need the tools of the trade to keep your feet in shape, so remove callouses and smooth your feet with Revlon’s Pedi-Expert Pedicure Kit, which includes a nail clip and nail file for $8.99 at Target. FOONEE’s 12-Piece Nail Care Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set has nail scissors, nail clippers, cuticle pusher, nail file, tweezers, nail cleaner, toe nail clippers, and cuticle trimmers, all for just $7.39 on-line.

The Microplane Colossal Pedicutre in raspberry pink works great on callouses and cracked, dry heels and the product costs $9.49 on-line.

Using a pumice stone is the tried-and-true way to remove callouses and Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar Ultimate Coarse/Medium with antibacterial solution is the perfect product to use around toes and soles of feet to remove calluses and to keep your feet smooth and soft and it retails for $5.13 plus free shipping on-line.

Sometimes, the best way to get your feet soft and smooth is a soak them in warm, sudsy water. Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak provides a soothing therapeutic soak for tired, aching feet and the product contains the herbal, antiseptic, deodorizing, and healing properties of natural tea tree oil to condition your feet. In additions, the product has wild mint to stimulate blood circulation and mineral salts help to soften rough calluses. A 10-oz jar sells for $9.99 on-line.

Foot Works Beautiful Toasted Macadamia Nut Relaxing Soak helps sooth tired, achy feet while it softens and hydrates rough, dry skin and it’s scented with macadamia, almond blossom and vanilla. The soak costs $5.00 for 3.4 oz on-line.

Once you’ve got your feet in tip-top-shape, it’s time to apply nail polish and OPI’s Hawaii Spring 2015 nail lacquer is your ticket to feet that look fit for a tropical paradise. There are 12 different shades, including Go With The Lava Flow, a warm red with golden mini-flecks mixed with a silvery shimmer and Mai Tai Crooked?, a cantaloupe orange creme, My Gecko Does Tricks is a frosty lime green with a bronze flash and hint of golden shimmer and This Color’s Making Waves is sprinkled with tiny gold flecks on an oceanic, green-tinged blue shimmer.

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