10 Ways to Make Fine Hair Look Great

by R. Carnavale | March 14th, 2014 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

portraitIf you’ve got fine hair, you know how thin, weak, fragile and weak your hair can be. Your hair probably lies flat against your head and no matter how hard you try to give it some pouf or spike it, your hair will probably fall back limply into place. In addition, you may be able to see right through to your scalp (even where there isn’t a part) and it’s a struggle for your hair to hold its shape all day long. You can work with your fine hair, however, to give it shine, volume and style by choosing the right cut and products. Here are some ways to make your fine hair look its best:


  • Choose a cut with a soft shape and soft lines (because strong styles with strong lines require hair to be able to hold its shape)
  • Heavy layers create the illusion of fullness. A mid-length cut with several long, heavy layers works well and it’s feminine and easy-to-wear, too.
  • Another cut idea: A jaw-length bob with soft, gentle layers creates an illusion of volume and extra thickness.
  • If your fine hair has some wave to it, consider a shaggy, featherweight square-layer cut that doesn’t need to hold its shape.
  • If your hair is fine and fragile, add volume and structure by getting a shoulder-length, light face-frame cut with multiple layers.
  • A ponytail, twist or bun are great styling options. Be sure to use bobby pins (grooved-side facing your scalp) and holding spray to keep your hair in place.


  • Create volume by blow-drying with a volume enhancer, serum and a medium-sized round brush. Use your fingers to tousle your hair, starting at the roots.
  • Volume enhancers will lift and thicken your hair. The John Frieda hair product line has several products that will add volume to your hair. Prices range from an affordable $5.49 to $8.99 and product choices include a thickening conditioner, mousse and hair sprays.
  • Serum products, like nuNAAT naat Silicon Hair Serum Hair Polisher will keep your blow-dry ultra-smooth and shiny.
  • Rather than shampooing your hair and then applying conditioner, try the reverse: Shampoo AFTER you condition your hair to make your hair shinier. (This technique works especially well for fine hair and if your scalp tends to greasy while your ends are dry as a bone. Apply conditioner and leave it in your hair while you clean the rest of your body. Then shampoo lightly with a volumizing shampoo product, like Pantene Pro V: Full & Thick Shampoo, which will fortify your hair and prevent breakage and hair loss.

(Photo courtesy of Darryl Smith)

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