100 Ways to Save $100 – Part 1

by Jodi Furman | October 5th, 2011 | Shopping Secrets

Saving money doesn’t have to be just about brown bagging your lunch – there are hundreds of ways that you can save money each and every month – $100 a month is only $3.33 a day, not such a daunting task when you break it down, right?

Here’s a bunch of small (and some big) changes that you can make and see an instant impact on your household budget, and many of them will not only improve your bank account, they’ll also improve your quality of life!

-Stop paying attention to the “savings” printed on the bottom of your receipt, and start paying attention to your spending instead. The only true savings are those that you deposit into your bank or investment accounts.
-Stop assuming that discount and warehouse stores are the best places to save money; you will often spend less just buy scooping up the sales at an expensive grocery store.
-Stay out of superstores even if you go in to buy hot dogs; you’ll end up leaving with a hot tub (plus 67 additional items that you didn’t know that you needed).
-Cancel any and every service that you’re not using, even if there’s a cancellation fee. Better to pay a cancellation fee once than for service(s) that you’re not using.
-Call your cable company, your cell phone provider, your Internet provider, and even your credit card companies, and simply ask if there is any way to reduce your bill (even without canceling your service!) with promotions, discounts, or just for being a loyal customer!
-Ask for a discount anywhere and everywhere. If you’re a student, a teacher, current or former military, a senior citizen, a member of AAA or AARP, and/or an in state resident, there just might be a discount!
-Find out if your employer offers discounts on things that you are buying anyway – anything from cell phone service to gym memberships to cars.
-Sell or donate any items in your home that are no longer useful, beautiful, or necessary. Better to have the cash (or the tax deduction) than the clutter.
-Make no large purchase without research and comparison shopping – all of which you can do from the comfort of your own home, using your computer and/or phone.
-Learn the difference between a need and a want and act/spend accordingly.
-Set a goal and work towards it, but be sure reward yourself along the way (i.e. for every $500 saved, you get to ‘splurge’ $100) so you don’t feel deprived.
-Buy fewer, higher quality items that will stand the test of time rather than cheap, subpar items that you have to buy again and again.
-Never be afraid to negotiate. Just nicely ask, “What’s the best that you can do?”
-Use your skills instead of cash: swap babysitting services, clothing, household repairs, and more with a few like-minded friends and neighbors.

Check back next week for more of Jodi’s exciting tips!

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