100 Ways to Save $100 – Part 2

by Jodi Furman | October 12th, 2011 | Shopping Secrets

Last week, Jodi offered tips on general savings. This week, check out her ideas for saving money by going green. You can also save on your beauty routine. Get ready to save!

Going Green Saves Green:

-Whenever possible, replace disposable with reusable – insulated travel mugs and water bottles, buy microfiber cloths for your cleaning needs, and eliminate paper towel use, cloth napkins, cloth diapers, and more.

-You can clean just about anything – including your own body – with vinegar, lemon juice, water, and/or baking soda.

-Hang dry all of your clothing except for socks and underwear; it saves on electric costs and extends the life of your clothing, too.

-Carry and use reusable bags, many stores including Target, CVS, and Whole Foods will deduct money off of your bill when you use reusable bags, plus you’ll be able to carry more and heavier groceries in fewer bags, too.


-Slightly stretch out the time between appointments.  Simply switching from a hair salon visit every 4 weeks to one every 6 weeks will save you 33% a year without changing anything else (it will also save you time!); switching from a weekly manicure to one every 10 days will save you 30% a year.

-Find a less expensive, but equally capable and convenient hairdresser, manicurist, etc.

-Stretch out the time between visits and switch to a less expensive provider, supercharge your savings.

-Do selective services yourself, bang trims: yes; radical hair color change: no.  Fixing a bad DIY job is more expensive than getting it done correctly the first time.

-You can cleanse your hair, face, and body with castille soap; it’s inexpensive, often organic and effective.

-Make your own sugar scrub with olive oil and sugar – no need to spend $20 on something that you can make yourself for about $.20. (These make great gifts, too!)

Check back next week for more of Jodi’s exciting tips!

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