100 Ways to Save $100 – Part 3

by Jodi Furman | October 19th, 2011 | Shopping Secrets

In the last installment, Jodi offered tips on saving money on going green and your beauty routine. You can also save on your finances, entertainment, and shopping!


-Set an automatic deduction from your bank account that transfers money into savings or an investment/retirement account each and every payday.

-If you get a large tax refund each year, but find yourself in a cash crunch each month, adjust your withholding to get more (of your own) cash in your paycheck, so you aren’t running up expensive debt.

-Many banks are now charging fees for anything and everything, even debit card usage — find a no fee bank or credit union.

-Get and use credit and debit cards that earn cashback for the things that you normally buy — American Express has a credit card that offers 6% cashback on groceries, PenFed has a card that offers 5% cashback on gas, and PerkStreet Financial offers a debit card that offers 2% cashback on everything else.

-Selected store credit cards, if used responsibly and paid in FULL every month, will automatically save you upwards of 10% on top of discounted and sale prices.  If you aren’t responsible with credit (and you know who you are) ignore this tip.

-Pay your bills online. Many companies will give you a discount for opting for e-statements, and you will avoid late charges, and you won’t have to pay for stamps, too.

-If you’re eligible, use pre-tax dollars to fund a healthcare and/or child care reimbursement account through your employer.


-Rather than buying books, use the FREE Kindle or Nook apps available for PCs, iPads, and even smartphones to check e-books out of the library for FREE.  Bonus: No late fees as the e-book just disappears from your account when it’s due back at the library.

-Rent DVDs from the library for free.

-In addition to reducing or even canceling cable, use the free streaming services from Hulu.com, and stream your favorite shows to your TV, your PC, or even your phone.

-Sign up for emails and text messages from Blockbuster Express and RedBox — you’ll get at least one free DVD rental each and every month.

-If you’re a member of Amazon Prime ($79/year), you can stream tens of thousands of movies and TV shows for no additional charge; if you’re a student, you can get Amazon Prime for  FREE for 6 months, and then for ONLY $39/year for the next four years (details found here: www.amazon.com/student)


-Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, and subscribe for emails, mailings, and even text messages from all of your favorite stores; most of them will send you a seemingly limitless supply of coupons, exclusive discounts, and more — some stores will even issue high value coupons (i.e. $10 off a $10 purchase).

-Use price matching policies at grocery, discount and other stores to save money withOUT having to travel to multiple stores — save money, time AND gas.

-Get price adjustments if the price goes down on something after you’ve purchased it — if you bought it online, simply email or call — if you purchased in store, you don’t need to bring the item back, all you need is your receipt.

-If you bought something that you don’t need, return it NOW, and get your money back!

-Buy gifts for birthdays and the holidays year round, whenever you find appropriate items at a great price — spread out the pain and find items for less, too!

-Have a few gifts stashed and ready to go in your house — if there’s a last minute party, whether it’s for a housewarming or a birthday party, you’ll save both time and money.

-Shop with purpose, not for recreation — if you don’t need it, it’s not a bargain, even if it’s 99% off or free!

Check back next week for more of Jodi’s exciting tips!

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