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City Pinpoint

by Louise January 30th, 2008| Shopping Secrets
Are you looking to find some local businesses and services? City Pinpoint is like online yellow pages. If you know the type of business or service you're looking for, all you have to do is combine that with the name of your local area, and City Pinpoint will perform

Smart Shopping…Carts?

by Louise January 28th, 2008| Shopping Secrets
Everyone talks about smart shopping. There are smart shoppers and, well, not so smart shoppers. There are smart buys and deals that you need to take, and others that you need to avoid. Recently, I heard of something new, smart shopping carts.

Smart shopping carts? That's right. MediaCart and Microsoft have


by Bea January 27th, 2008| Fashion
I'm sure that you've seen them around. Some people tuck their jeans into them, while others simply wear a mini skirt. Originally worn by Australian sheepherders to keep their feet warm, UGG boots have become quite popular in the United States since 2003. Almost everywhere you look, including

Spring Fashion Hints

by Michele January 25th, 2008| Fashion
As it is midwinter, the lure of spring and warmth are calling me.  I am excited to wear skirts and tops that are fun without considering if they will keep me warm.  Plus, with the arrival of a new season, it signals the need to purchase new items to supplement

Do You Use Coupons?

by TK January 20th, 2008| Sales
When I was a kid my mom was a coupon clipper. She had her little coupon "wallet" and before she went to the grocery store she would look through the coupons and determine what items and brands she was going to buy. I think she was even part of a