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How to Wrap a Gift Card

by Louise February 21st, 2008| Women's Fashion
Gifts cards. I remember that, in the past, I used to frown on the giving of gift cards. I thought that such a gift showed lack of thought. I've come to realize now that I was wrong.

Giving gift cards should be an art form. It's all in the presentation. What
wrist corsage

The Fairy of Flowers

by Michele February 16th, 2008| Home Shopping
Recently, a friend of mine was invited to a very special dance.  A suit and tie sort of occasion that only the luckiest of men get to attend.  Not only was he lucky to be invited, he was going to have the honor of accompanying two beautiful females!

The dance of

Ipods anyone?

by Bea February 15th, 2008| Women's Fashion
You've seen them; they are everywhere, even laying on antique furniture! Maybe you've seen those white head phones, or maybe a picture of an Ipod in an advertisement, but I am that you've seen an Ipod in your life.

With so many choices out there, how do you know which

7 Great Gifts For Guys for Valentine’s Day

by TK February 12th, 2008| Men's Shopping
I am of the opinion that men have it easy when it comes to Valentine's Day gift buying. Buy something that smells good or sparkles and you will probably be a winner. Of course, you can get more creative and actually buy something that is personal and reflects

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by Michele February 7th, 2008| Women's Fashion
With only 7 days until the holiday of love, many people are wondering what to give that special someone. Of course, your special someone doesn't have to be a romantic partner. You might want to purchase a present for a close friend or a child.

While any gift that