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by Erin Steiner April 24th, 2008| Home Shopping

Today I went to Ikea for the very first time. If I had the time (and the disposable income), I would go back tomorrow and possibly the day after that. Ikea is like Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens & Things but on steroids and with lower prices. Even

Diamond Solitaire

Buying an Engagement Ring – Part 1

by TK April 18th, 2008| Accessories
Buying an engagement ring can be a very daunting task for most men. For many men, an engagement ring may be one of the largest expenditures that they ever would have as a gift (and maybe only trail a house or a car in total cost).

To help my

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

by Melissa April 16th, 2008| Women's Fashion

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 11th. With a little thought and creativity, you can show mom how much you care--without breaking the bank. Take some time and really think about the mother in your life; it can be your mother,

Don’t Shun the Coats Just Yet…

by Erin Steiner April 12th, 2008| Fashion

With spring arriving (slowly but surely), you can't walk through a clothing store without being bombarded with bathing suits, summer dresses, and short sleeves. This is great new.  For the bargain shopper, it means that the winter clothing is finally on sale! Spring is to winter clothing as November

Following Bargains = Saving Money?

by LJ Dovichi April 5th, 2008| Shopping Secrets
Does following the deals by doing your shopping at several different stores really save you any money? I wasn't sure with gas being (gasp) $4.00 a gallon if it really would save money. So to see if I was saving my family any money by bargain shopping, I did a