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Who’s Your Shopping Buddy?

by Valerie Mae Diola September 30th, 2008| Men's Shopping, Women's Fashion

Shopping for the Right Pair of Glasses

by Patti September 30th, 2008| Fashion
When it comes to shopping for the right pair of glasses, take a hint from the Vision Council of America (VCA) Envision Yourself program. According to them there are three key elements inherent in picking the most appropriate pair of glasses:

  • The shape of the frames should contrast with the shape

Back to School Bargains

by Michele September 25th, 2008| Kids' Shopping, Sales
The heat of summer fades, the days become shorter, and one can hear the jubilant cries of parents and whines of children.  What do all of these things mean?  School has begun!

Of course, with the return of school comes the back to school shopping trip. If you are the lucky

Forced Shopping Is Tough

by B Kenney September 23rd, 2008| Women's Fashion
Even when shopping is pliable, most men know what they want, when they want it, and know which store to find it in. The latter can rarely be said about the shopping tactics of a woman.

Ladies, I'm sorry. As much as you believe your

Shopping with the Family at William-Sonoma

by Michele September 18th, 2008| Home Shopping, Kids' Shopping
My family members are foodies!  We love to cook and eat.  And even more than that, we love to talk and think about cooking and eating.  So when our family gets a chance to go to William-Sonoma, we jump at the chance.  We play with the gadgets.  We eat the

New Luggage for the Seasoned Traveler with a New Partner

by TK September 17th, 2008| Home Shopping
I have traveled over 1,000,000 miles in my life and have been on planes, trains, and automobiles on almost every continent on the globe.  With that much time on the road, I long ago imposed a simple rule on myself: buy cheap, disposable luggage.  Luggage always gets beaten up, lost,

Shop Smart, Not Silly!

by Patti September 16th, 2008| Money Saving Hints
There are always ways to cut costs when you go shopping for practically anything. The key is to know how to find bargains and to learn how to make every dollar and every cent count for a lot. Read on for some shopping suggestions that can save you money, time

Sunshine State Shopping

by B Kenney September 10th, 2008| Money Saving Hints
Want a great place to shop with excellent prices, a plethora of stores, and tons of name brands? One of the best places in the sunny state of Florida is the Prime Outlets shopping center located in Ellenton. It is located just off of Interstate-75, and close to Bradenton, St.