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Is There a Point to Window Shopping?

by Patti November 25th, 2008| Sales
When it comes to shopping, how often do you window shop? The thought of window shopping for me calls to mind one of two things- going to the mall to browse (only browse) and leaving with a pair of shoes that I adore but really could not afford on that

Online Christmas Shopping Suggestions

by Patti November 18th, 2008| Shopping Secrets
When it comes to Christmas shopping, gone are the days when we must brave bad weather, long line-ups, cranky store clerks and sore feet just to find the perfect gifts for the people on our list. Look to the world of virtual shopping for the gifts you seek this year,

Shopping with Your Child

by Valerie Mae Diola November 11th, 2008| Kids' Shopping

As I was going out of the mall, I saw a sales attendant talking to a crying little boy. He was lost and couldn’t find his mommy. I always see this kind of scenario in the shopping mall and often ask myself, “Are

Good Online Venues

by B Kenney November 4th, 2008| Money Saving Hints
Sometimes while using your preferred search engine to browse online stores it generates plenty of various places to shop. Other times however, like when shopping for something specific, the search engines or browsing sites don’t give a really good list of online venues. Even when it does, it’s not always