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The Streets of Mont Tremblant

by Bea December 28th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
Shopping in Mont Tremblant is actually pretty easy. You look, figure out what you want to buy, and then think about the places that you could possibly get the things you want for at least half of the prices listed on the tags in the stores!

The other thing that
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Holiday Wine Shopping Tips

by Gumer Liston December 24th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
Wine is part of the holidays, it gives the celebration that extra lift. Imagine a Christmas Eve dinner without a bottle of wine or two; those who love wine know how it would feel. I guess that those who love wine already have socked away some bottles (or some cases)
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How To Find Freebies On The Web

by Anna P. December 21st, 2009| Money Saving Hints
Whoever said that there is no such thing as a “Free Lunch” obviously has never been on the Internet! The world wide web is virtually one giant shopping mall that enables you to purchase anything, anywhere, anytime at the click of a mouse. But look more closely, and you will

Tips for Buying the Right Toys Online at a Bargain

by Patti December 17th, 2009| Kids' Shopping
It’s the Christmas season, and you have children. What this means is that you are looking for just the right toys to make their eyes light up on Christmas morning! Here are a few tips to help you find the toys you want at prices that will not leave your

Last Minute Shopping Deals

by Jaclyn Abergas December 15th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
It's less than two weeks until Christmas. Are you finished with all of your Christmas shopping? Have you bought all the perfect gifts for your family, friends and colleagues? If not, here are some last minute ideas (and deals) to help you.

1. Bargain Hunters

To all the bargain hunters out
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Get Rewarded for Shopping

by Joe Lawrence December 10th, 2009| Sales
It seems like every company and web site is looking for ways to save us money.  Thank you.  However, if you're like me, you're wondering why a company would spend money to create a program to save money.  Why not just lower the prices?  There are sites out there with

Grocery Shopping and a Teaching Lesson All Rolled into One

by Patti December 8th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
Grocery shopping with your children can be an excellent opportunity to teach them about numbers, sounds, smells, money, etc. In fact the grocery store can become a big, fun classroom of sorts for your children. Using a shopping excursion for the week’s groceries as the chance to educate your youngsters

Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

by Jaclyn Abergas December 3rd, 2009| Women's Fashion
It's the Christmas holidays in less than a month. Have you bought gifts for the people in your life? I haven't finished my shopping. It's hard to find the perfect ones at the right price.

But sometimes, it's not about finding the perfect gift but knowing the most inappropriate gift you
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Shopping For Holiday Decor On The Cheap

by Anna P. December 1st, 2009| Home Shopping, Money Saving Hints, Sales
'Tis the season to decorate your home with festive holiday themed décor. Many people go all out this time of year to decorate virtually every room inside their house, and some folks really get into the spirit as they decorate the outside as well. While there is nothing wrong with

Shopping for Hand Sanitizer

by Patti November 26th, 2009| Home Shopping
In the fight to stay as healthy as possible, many of us are not only washing with soap and water but are making sure we have hand sanitizer available wherever we may find ourselves.

Hand sanitizers and hand wipes were available long before the H1N1 virus first made an appearance. I
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History of Black Friday

by Bea November 24th, 2009| Sales
For the past week I have been bagging customers' purchases in Northeastern University Bookstore bags that are cluttered with coupons and advertisements about sales that are going on this Thanksgiving week. I was surprised when I first saw that we were handing out coupon books for places like the clothing

How to Spend Less on Your Shopping this Holiday Season

by Gumer Liston November 19th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
The holiday season is just around the corner, and you are preparing for it, you are preparing to spend a lot of money for it. But I guess it is not wise to let the holiday season wipe out your pocket and leave you in debt. It is not good
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