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Purse Snatching Alert! How to Not Fall Prey to a Thief

by Patti January 28th, 2009| Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion

You are out enjoying an afternoon shopping with your best gal pal, and suddenly you cannot find your purse. Panic sets in as you search frantically for a purse that has all but vanished. Or maybe you are grocery shopping with the kids. Or maybe your purse disappears while out

Take the Stress out of Buying a Car

by Joe Lawrence January 27th, 2009| Sales

The most stressful purchase you ever will make is a new car.  What should be a joyous occasion is clouded by the creepy salesman.  You waste so much time and energy and eventually you get worn down and settle on any old deal.

I LOVE to debate others, but I absolutely

Stay Fit, Go Shop!

by Valerie Mae Diola January 20th, 2009| Fashion

For those women who are not fond of exercising, don’t you know that there’s one activity you can do that also can make you fit and healthy? I am neither an athletic person nor active in the gym, but I still

mystery shopping

Fact or Myth: Mystery Shopping

by B Kenney January 14th, 2009| Fashion
For quite some time Mystery Shopping has been reported to exist all over the country. Many of you might have heard of the concept, especially if you've worked retail here and there.

The idea is that certain individuals are hired by various big-name and corporate sales companies to parade around and

Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

by Jaclyn Abergas January 13th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
Valentine’s Day still may be a month away, but it’s never too early to prepare for these things. Before you buy anything, think about your partner first. Think about your partner’s interests and hobbies, favorite things, places, movies, and shopping places. Use this information to pick the perfect gift for


by Louise January 7th, 2009| Travel Shopping
I recently returned from a trip in Europe, where I had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona, Spain, for three days. (You'll be able to read about the finer aspects of Barcelona on our sister site Good Life Review soon.) Of course, what intrigues many people about Barcelona is the stunning

Post-Holiday Shopping

by Valerie Mae Diola January 6th, 2009| Sales

Is there something we should look forward to now that the holidays are over? Yes, there is…it’s post-holiday shopping! I’m more excited for post-holiday shopping than I am during the holidays. Why? Because holiday items are much more affordable now. This is the