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What Helps You Decide Which Site to Use for Shopping Online?

by Gumer Liston February 26th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
More and more people are now opting for online shopping over going to crowded stores and malls. A global survey conducted by The Nielsen Company recently revealed that 85% of Internet users are into purchasing items online, and more than half of the online population shops regularly through the Internet.

Spring 09 Trends You Can Wear

by Anna P. February 25th, 2009| Fashion
Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. I love everything about them, particularly the clothes and the accessories. I love the bold colors and vibrant prints- they make clothes so much more fun to wear. I know most fashion magazines always make such a big deal over fall and winter

The Perfect Gift For Turning One

by Jaclyn Abergas February 24th, 2009| Kids' Shopping
My sister-in-law gave birth to my nieces approximately nine months ago, which means they'll be celebrating their first birthday in three months. You'd think it'd be easy to get gifts for a one-year old, but it's actually not. There are so many choices, yet so many limitations.

1. Toys are always

Shopping for Fitness Equipment

by Patti February 19th, 2009| Home Shopping

If getting to the gym on a regular basis is becoming more and more difficult for you, then it makes sense that you might decide to buy fitness equipment that you can use in your own home. Working out at home can fit any type of schedule and is often
Old Navy

Designer Symbols

by Bea February 18th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
How well do you know your designer symbols?

I'll admit that I don't know designers too well. In fact, I would have trouble listing off more than ten names for you. To me what matters the most is if the article of clothing fits well, if it's comfortable, and if it

To the Readers

by Louise February 11th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
I have found a great site for all of the readers out there with a passion for books:  AbeBooks.com. AbeBooks is a site where you can order used books at extremely low costs and get your order in a very short amount of time. As long as you
online shopping

Home Sweet Home!

by Joe Lawrence February 10th, 2009| Home Shopping
Do you love to shop but hate the crowds?  Have you ever wished you could have the whole store to yourself?  You can.  Shop online, and you can feel like an A list celebrity.

Last week, P. Illsley talked about shopping from the television.  The tips given at the end were

Shopping by Television- Important Tips to Bear in Mind

by Patti February 4th, 2009| Home Shopping

It is not uncommon to come across a product on television that grabs your attention. Whether it is a kitchen gadget, something innovative for the car or a piece of jewelry that would make a lovely birthday present for your sister, the television can be a convenient and easy way

Grocery Therapy

by Jaclyn Abergas February 3rd, 2009| Shopping Secrets
When I use shopping as therapy, I don't go to the nearest shoe store or clothing store. I go to the nearest grocery store. Sometimes that can be the most dangerous thing, but I'm lucky. I always seem to feel down when I need to do my grocery shopping.

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