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Shopping for a Hair Stylist

by Patti April 30th, 2009| Fashion
Your hair is your crowning glory, and you want it to look fantastic when you leave a salon. Finding a stylist that does what you want her to do and one that you can communicate with well is not always easy. Some hair stylists seem to have a true talent

Mother’s Day

by Bea April 28th, 2009| Women's Fashion
Mother's Day is just around the corner. This year's Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 10th.

I was reminded of this when I walked into Walgreens this afternoon and saw the countless amounts of cards and little knick-knacks. Do not get me wrong, some of those little gifts are cute and

Brand Loyal

by Joe Lawrence April 23rd, 2009| Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion
“I will never buy anything from that store.”  Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking that?  Maybe you always get a certain product.  We all love either Pepsi or Coke…why?

Why is it that we are only willing to shop for certain brands or from specific places?  For years, I

Unique Gifts For Your Mother

by Anna P. April 21st, 2009| Women's Fashion
With Mother’s Day coming next month, we suddenly start panicking about finding the perfect gift for our mothers. Flowers are nice, but they don’t last. Spa getaways are bit pricey right now. And we just don’t feel like buying cheap perfume gift sets. So, what other options do we have?

Become an Ethical Shopper

by Patti April 16th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
An ethical shopper is a person who is informed about products they are buying and buys based on principles and matters of conscience. Ethical consumerism is the name given to buying products and services that have been manufactured by ethical means. In other words, no human beings and no animals

Spring Shopping

by Jaclyn Abergas April 14th, 2009| Money Saving Hints, Sales
I love spring, and I love shopping. You know what I love more than that? Spring shopping! It's the time of the year when it's fun to shop. Colors everywhere. New clothes give us room to breathe. And it's so exciting to see clothes that reveal, and not conceal, us.


Grocery Bags that are Friends to the Environment

by Patti April 9th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
With all the talk about going green and protecting the environment, do you really know if the grocery bag you are using on a regular basis would receive a nod of approval from the environment?

What you should look for is a bag that is deemed environmentally friendly, as well as

I want to talk to the manager!

by Joe Lawrence April 7th, 2009| Home Shopping, Money Saving Hints, Sales
Have you ever had a terrible experience dealing with customer service?  How about a faulty product that no one would return?  Ever just felt wronged by a company?  I have.  Let me tell you how to handle it.

I am ashamed to say that I learned these techniques when I was a

To Shop Or Not To Shop?

by Jaclyn Abergas April 2nd, 2009| Shopping Secrets
As part of my Lenten sacrifice, I have decided not to shop for 40 days. Yes, my love for shopping has gotten so bad that I have to force myself not to go inside the stores I love even to browse.

Oh, it's so hard.

When I started my sacrifice, a friend