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Rules Of Gift Giving

by Anna P. June 30th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
Whether you’re giving a birthday gift, holiday gift, corporate gift, or a just because gift- there is a certain set of unspoken rules when it comes to gift giving etiquette. Giving is so much more than getting, so make sure you do it right. Here are some pointers to help

Enjoy the Experience of Shopping for Yourself!

by Patti June 25th, 2009| Fashion
Shopping for others can be enjoyable but so can shopping for yourself ,if you know how to do it right! The first thing you need to do is to figure out what it is you need to shop for. Be a woman with a plan. Whether it is a dress

A Few More Store Ideas in San Francisco

by Jaclyn Abergas June 23rd, 2009| Travel Shopping
It's hard to shop in San Francisco, mostly because of the high taxes, but it's still fun because there are so many stores selling unique items or that give you the chance to support good causes. Here are a few stores to include in your next San Francisco trip.


Downtown Disney

by B Kenney June 18th, 2009| Kids' Shopping, Travel Shopping
Summer is here!

With summer comes plenty of fun in the sun, and hopefully (if you're lucky) plenty of free time to shop!

Lots of people hit the road (or sky) for a quick vacation getaway, and one of the most famous places to go for a trip away from home is

Shopping for a Stylish Summer Hat

by Patti June 16th, 2009| Fashion
Many people cringe at the thought of wearing a hat in the summertime, but hats provide protection from the sun’s burning rays and can act as an anti-aging device for your skin. When shopping for a stylish hat you need to take into consideration both your face shape and the

Shopping At The Cosmetics Counter

by Anna P. June 11th, 2009| Fashion
As soon as you walk in a upscale department store they bombard you with perfume samples and free gifts that  are supposed to entice you to buy their latest lipstick. But what if you really want to try some of their more expensive skin care creams and luxurious fragrances? How

An Economy Boost in San Francisco

by Jaclyn Abergas June 9th, 2009| Travel Shopping
And in this segment of the series on San Francisco shopping, we will take a look at three different districts in San Francisco: Mission, Russian Hill and Pacific Heights.

7. Mission Street

If you’re looking for unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary things to buy, then the Mission District is the perfect place for

Shopping for Others- Making it Easier on Yourself

by Patti June 4th, 2009| Women's Fashion
When it comes to shopping for other people, do you have any specific techniques that you use? Can you zero right in on what your mother, father, brother or sister would like, or it is a whole lot of guesswork on your part? Buying for other people is not as

Air Conditioners

by Bea June 2nd, 2009| Home Shopping
Summer is around the corner, and you know what that means, hot weather! Well, maybe not for every location in this world, but for many places, summertime means blazing sun, humid weather, and more heat. While many people have to "suffer" through the warm weather and while others have to