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Shopping for New Luggage- Buy the Best

by Patti August 31st, 2009| Home Shopping
When you are in the market for new luggage always buy only the very best! Don’t cut corners by purchasing substandard luggage just because it carries a cheaper price tag. You don’t want to have the rollers break off your suitcase or a strap come off (especially as you dash

Mile High Marketplace and Flea Market

by Anna P. August 27th, 2009| Kids' Shopping, Travel Shopping
Located in in Henderson, Colorado, the Mile High Marketplace Flea Market is a great place to discover unique clothes, jewelry, sporting goods, toys, and much more. You could spend half a day here and find a lot of great stuff at fabulous prices. They have more than 80 acres paved
kids clothing

Shopping for Clothing for Your Child

by Patti August 25th, 2009| Kids' Shopping
Shopping for clothing for your child, be it back to school clothing or otherwise, can be a challenging and often frustrating affair. Children outgrow their clothing at a swift pace, which can make shopping problematic. Here are some suggestions to help you when it comes to buying apparel for your

Specialty Stores in San Francisco

by Jaclyn Abergas August 20th, 2009| Travel Shopping
Looking for stores you can't find anywhere else? You'll find plenty of that in San Francisco.

1. True Sake

True Sake is the first ever true sake store in San Francisco and the US. It's the only place to go to in the US to find the best in sake. Not only

A Recessionista’s Guide To Fall Shopping

by Anna P. August 17th, 2009| Fashion, Money Saving Hints, Sales
Fall won’t start until late September, but that doesn’t stop most retail shops and boutiques from bringing out fall/winter clothing, shoes, and accessories. And that’s great, but most of us are waiting for fall sales before we shell out cash for that luxurious new cashmere sweater or faux crocodile handbag.

Shopping for an Area Rug

by Patti August 13th, 2009| Home Shopping
When shopping for an area rug it is in your best interest to buy the best quality rug you can afford. Here we provide some important tips to help you shop for an area rug.

Types of Area Rugs

Area rugs fall into different categories. These include:

•   Traditional- This type of rug

Blending in “en Europe”

by Bea August 11th, 2009| Fashion
Throughout this whole summer I have been working--just chugging along and progressing through it on a day by day basis. Every moment has been enjoyable, and I cannot believe that it is August. Why am I telling you all of these thoughts? Well, in my life, the coming of the

Drugstore Deals

by Anna P. August 6th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
Every time I go to CVS, I always am prompted either to use my CVS ExtraCare Card or apply for one if I don’t have it. And while I’m all for saving extra money, should I take and extra two or three minutes at the checkout just to save a

Buying Children’s Furniture

by Gumer Liston August 4th, 2009| Home Shopping, Kids' Shopping
Everyone loves shopping, but not all the time is buying easy and fun; there are things that are just not that easy to buy. One of those things that is not that easy to buy is furniture for your children. You should not just go to the nearest furniture dealer