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Shopping for Hand Sanitizer

by Patti November 26th, 2009| Home Shopping
In the fight to stay as healthy as possible, many of us are not only washing with soap and water but are making sure we have hand sanitizer available wherever we may find ourselves.

Hand sanitizers and hand wipes were available long before the H1N1 virus first made an appearance. I
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History of Black Friday

by Bea November 24th, 2009| Sales
For the past week I have been bagging customers' purchases in Northeastern University Bookstore bags that are cluttered with coupons and advertisements about sales that are going on this Thanksgiving week. I was surprised when I first saw that we were handing out coupon books for places like the clothing

How to Spend Less on Your Shopping this Holiday Season

by Gumer Liston November 19th, 2009| Shopping Secrets
The holiday season is just around the corner, and you are preparing for it, you are preparing to spend a lot of money for it. But I guess it is not wise to let the holiday season wipe out your pocket and leave you in debt. It is not good
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Stylish Must-Haves For The Winter

by Anna P. November 17th, 2009| Fashion, Women's Fashion
Now that winter is on its way, it's time to think about stylish winter essentials that you need (and want). While there is no need to go and accumulate a whole new wardrobe this season, it definitely would be a wise idea to check your closet for items that you
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Shopping Online Without a Credit Card- It Can be Done!

by Patti November 12th, 2009| Money Saving Hints
If you have tried to rent a car or book a flight without a credit card, then you know how difficult it can be. Now that online shopping has become as popular and as convenient as it has, the same applies. Without a credit card you sometimes feel as if

The Never-Ending Shops in Manhattan

by Jaclyn Abergas November 10th, 2009| Travel Shopping
We've discussed the Downtown and Midtown shops of Manhattan but wouldn't you know it? The list doesn't end there. We still have Uptown and the Outer Borough shops to discuss.


1. Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue, between 57th and 79th Streets, is the most expensive retail real estate in the world.

Keep the Tag on

by Joe Lawrence November 5th, 2009| Fashion, Money Saving Hints
I once bought a shirt that I loved on the rack.  This polo style shirt even looked great on the mannequin.  I knew the size was right, and there was no perceivable reason to try this on in the store.  Once I got home, I ripped the tags off and

It’s Time to Think Winter Scarves, Ladies- Think Pashmina!

by Patti November 3rd, 2009| Fashion, Women's Fashion
I am a scarf kind of lady. I love scarves. I own a variety of seasonal scarves in a selection of materials and colors. While I do not look forward to the onset of cold weather, I do look forward to mixing and matching my scarves with different coats and