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Shopping In Madrid

by Jaclyn Abergas February 25th, 2010| Travel Shopping
I know the economy's bad right now. So, it's more important to know where to go to spend your money wisely, right? Here are more cities that you can visit to boost their economy by shopping.

Madrid, Spain

Although there are a lot department stores in Madrid, small specialty stores are

What You Need to Know When Purchasing a Pair of Walking Shoes

by Patti February 23rd, 2010| Women's Fashion
If you walk frequently, you need to purchase a good pair of high quality walking shoes. Even if you just walk occasionally, you still need good shoes! Shoes of a high caliber will help to prevent injuries from taking place. Here we look at some important points you need to

Waste Not, Want Not

by Joe Lawrence February 17th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
A couple months ago I was cleaning out my cabinets and realized there was stuff in there for years.  I then went to my fridge and saw all sorts of stuff in there that we bought and did not use.  It made me wonder about how all this wasted food could

What to Look for When Purchasing a New Desktop Computer

by Patti February 16th, 2010| Home Shopping
If you are looking for a new desktop computer, then there are some things worth knowing before you start your shopping.

To begin, the type of processor (known as CPU) that you choose is very important. The two choices you have are between an AMD processor and an Intel processor. Both

Shoe Shopping Online

by Anna P. February 11th, 2010| Fashion, Women's Fashion
Thanks to websites like Zappos, Shoes.com, and Piperlime, shopping for shoes on the web is as easy as clicking the mouse. With more store, brands, styles, and deals to choose from, the only thing you have to worry about is your budget. Well, that and finding the most perfect

Where Should You Shop In 2010?

by Jaclyn Abergas February 9th, 2010| Travel Shopping
There are two more locations that people loved for shopping in 2009: Bangkok, Thailand and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bangkok, Thailand

Everybody shops in Bangkok because everything is cheap here. And the vendors in Bangkok sell everything imaginable. It's amazing how they can do that. So, where do you go in


by Jane Wangersky February 4th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
We often hear that we can save money on groceries by buying in bulk. It’s true in many cases – think of the cost difference between buying a 12-pack of soda for $5 and buying 12 individual cans for a dollar or more each – but in others, more

Prom Dreses

by Bea February 2nd, 2010| Fashion, Women's Fashion
True, prom may be four, five, or even six months away, but that does not mean you should dismiss the idea of having to get a dress in the near future.

Going through the mall today  I realized that we were heading into prom season when I saw displays upon

Are Credit Cards a Safer Way to Shop?

by Michele February 1st, 2010| Money Saving Hints
Ever since the credit crunch, paying with plastic has become a pastime for many. Instead, they are opting to use good ol’ cash to pay for their purchases. While it’s true that doing so is a better way to manage your money, it may not be the safest.

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