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Faith 21 Featured at Loyola University’s Black Student Association Fashion Show

by Jenn McD. March 30th, 2010| Fashion
On March 26, 2010, Reitz Arena was packed by students, friends and family, as we watched the gorgeous and talented models of Loyola University rip the runway to the designs of local stores and designers.

As a borderline plus-size model, I walked in designs by K-Station. Designs are made specifically

Why Buy Movies?

by Joe Lawrence March 23rd, 2010| Shopping Secrets
I recall having my DVD rack next to the TV and buying the movies I loved so I could watch them over and over again.  I hated going to the video store and not having the movie I wanted or standing in lines.  Those days have ended for me.


Cape Town, South Africa

by Jaclyn Abergas March 18th, 2010| Travel Shopping
Usually when people (myself included) talk about South Africa, they think of safaris, animals, outdoor adventures, and nature. Rarely do they think about shopping. But, yes, shopping can be done here.

There are basically three kinds of places you can spend your money in Cape Town: malls, markets and factory shops.


Shopping Trendy Plus Size Stores

by Anna P. March 16th, 2010| Fashion, Women's Fashion
For the longest time, the fashion industry neglected the plus sized fashion market. Women size 12 and over were stuck wearing frumpy clothes or mumus. Fortunately, the times have changed as many specialty plus sized clothing stores opened up and started selling a wide variety of fashionable clothes and accessories.

Shopping Using the Wisdom of the Tao

by Bea March 11th, 2010| Money Saving Hints
Many articles on this site will tell you some shopping hints, such as how to save money, what deals are out right now, or what the new fashion trends are, but I have a different message to convey. Please note that I am not trying to say, "Stop shopping!"

Getting Your Produce Delivered

by Jane Wangersky March 9th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
Every week, I leave an empty plastic bin on my front steps, and sometime in the late afternoon it’s replaced with a bin full of fruits and vegetables. (Well, almost full. Slightly fuller in summer.) Like many people these days, I get organic produce delivered to my home. Sometimes,

Shopping with Tweens

by Michele March 4th, 2010| Kids' Shopping
As a mom of teens and tweens, I have experienced several shopping trips with them and have learned much from my kids.  To help other parents, I have asked my 12 year old daughter, Sam, to share some hints on how to make a shopping trip enjoyable for both mom

How To Save Money Buying Groceries

by Anna P. March 2nd, 2010| Shopping Secrets
Buying groceries every week is something that most of us do without really thinking about it. You round up the kids and drive to the grocery store just to purchase a bunch of tasty pre-made foods and beverages that you'll consume the upcoming week. But don't you ever stop