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Go Green or Go Home!

by Joe Lawrence April 29th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
Have you ever wished that you acted on an idea to make a new product or capitalize on your idea?  I would be a billionaire twenty times over if I had acted on many of my ideas.  However, I am not.  One such thought which still offers much opportunity

Something for Nothing

by Jane Wangersky April 27th, 2010| Money Saving Hints
We all want to find what we’re looking for at the lowest possible price. And sometimes, we’re lucky, and that price is nothing. I’m not just talking about the rare times we happen to see what we want sitting at the curb with a “free” sign on it.

Freecycle (TM)

Books For Less

by Anna P. April 20th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
There is nothing better than spending time lounging poolside soaking up the sun…..and reading a good book! Reading is one of life’s greatest joys, and it's also one of those intelligent hobbies you want to share with your children. Books never get old, and a good story is timeless!

Buy What and When?

by Bea April 15th, 2010| Money Saving Hints
On my day by day calendar at work they write a "daily extra." Every once in a while there is a daily extra that tells me what I should be looking out to buy this month. They know what type of things, like cars, typically go on sale and

Used Car Warning Signs

by Jane Wangersky April 13th, 2010| Sales
A metro Vancouver family thought they’d found just the used car they’d been looking for, at the reasonable price of $4900. By the time they took it home, though, they’d paid over $1,000 more, and the dealer wasn’t speaking to them. Worse, the car possibly may have major problems.


American Eagle – Shorts under $25

by Jenn McD. April 8th, 2010| Women's Fashion
As the beautiful weather approaches and summer gets into full swing, the clothing articles of choice will be skirts, shorts, sandals, and dresses. One of my favorite stores, American Eagle, has an awesome sale going on right now for many of their shorts, either online at www.ae.com or in

Prepaid Vs. Contract: Which Is Right For You

by Anna P. April 6th, 2010| Money Saving Hints
Most people who purchase cell phones choose the contract cell phone. If you want the latest phone models, have a secure job, and have a good line of credit, the contract option is probably the best choice. As for those who lack a solid credit history, have a part-time

Shopping Safety

by Joe Lawrence April 1st, 2010| Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion
Every single time I go to a store, I see people who are easy targets for criminals.  As a life-long martial artist, I always am looking for situations that could unfold.  Especially now as a husband and father, my senses are heightened.

There are many examples.  First while walking down