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How to Survive Being “Malled”

by TJ Davis May 27th, 2010| Kids' Shopping
Ah, the teen years! The time when so many of our former children want to go everywhere (except school) and do everything (except chores and homework), and when we become public transportation - strictly pick up and drop off - not
just for our own, but for their friends too.

Shopping a Market

by Anna P. May 25th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
The modern grocery store has many conveniences like a deli, bakery, florist, and pharmacy. What the modern grocery store doesn't have is superior customer service and knowledgeable employees who know a lot about the goods they are selling. That's why shopping a market has so much appeal. Whether it's

What Comes After “Best Before”?

by Jane Wangersky May 20th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
We've become so used to seeing "best before" dates on food that we're now applying the idea to other things -- aging musicians, for example. We talk as if food, and a lot of other stuff, has a definite time when it stops being any good and may even


by Bea May 18th, 2010| Home Shopping, Money Saving Hints
Most people go into an IKEA store to buy a set or a piece of furniture. Some go in for the Swedish meatballs and others love to just stroll around in the big stores to see all of the neat room designs and setups. IKEA is a great place

Shopping for Home Organization Furniture

by Anna P. May 13th, 2010| Home Shopping
Organization is a skill to be learned, but the right organizational furniture will make the task that much easier. After a thorough spring cleaning, one is left with the tedious task of reorganizing everything, so why not make it easy this year and invest in some new organizational cabinets

Comfort or Couture

by Jenn McD. May 11th, 2010| Women's Fashion
On Mother’s Day, I decided to take my mother out to lunch to celebrate how much I appreciate her as a mother. Before we went to lunch, we went to church dressed in our Sunday best. I decided to wear a very simple black sleeveless dress with ruffles lining

Top 3 Items You Need to Sizzle This Summer!

by Jenn McD. May 6th, 2010| Fashion
1. BOHO Flutter Tee by American Eagle
Inspired by the oversized boyfriend style, this oversized tee is very cute and comfortable. The sleeves are blown out to keep you flowing the whole summer. Layer it over a bikini top, and as the temperature gets hotter, you can remove it with

Save Money…

by Joe Lawrence May 4th, 2010| Home Shopping, Money Saving Hints
"Joe, guess how much I saved?!"  These are the words spoken to me right before this grown man starts to cry.  My wife will go shopping and then lead the presentation of goods to me with that phrase.  My thought is usually simple, if you come home with bags