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How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

by Anna P. June 29th, 2010| Fashion, Women's Fashion
Jeans are the one trend that will never go out of style! Jeans are also the one trend that comes in a wide variety of colors, cuts,  and styles- proving that this is one item that works for everyone. Of course, what style and cut works for one person

Buying Contacts Online: What I’ve Learned

by Jane Wangersky June 23rd, 2010| Money Saving Hints
For years, I've been getting my contact lenses at an optician's not far from my home where all I have to do is drop in and say I want to order more. If the staff there don't exactly greet me by name, they do say something like, "Let me

Birthday Freebies

by Anna P. June 16th, 2010| Money Saving Hints
The best time of the year to look for genuine freebies? The weeks surround your birthday! Many restaurants and stores entice their customers with free meals, free treats, and free gifts on their birthday. All you have to do is sign up or show an ID card to take

College Essentials

by Kendall Ryan June 9th, 2010| Sales, Travel Shopping
Here comes college! Stores like Bed Bath and Beyond are revving their engines for college dorm season! Save those 20% off coupons! Even if they are expired…SAVE THEM! Most stores will take them!

This time last year, I began my weekly visits to Bed Bath and Beyond. It began with

Tips for Shopping with Boys

by Jane Wangersky June 3rd, 2010| Kids' Shopping
Shopping for clothes with small or not-so-small boys can be a hassle. Still, there are times you can't avoid it, especially just before the start of school, a change of season, or a formal occasion. He may not think he needs anything new, but you know he does, so

If It Ain’t Broke…Don’t Buy It

by Joe Lawrence June 1st, 2010| Shopping Secrets
I am a huge fan of looking for ways to save money.  My wife and I are both pretty frugal for the most part.  Both of us find deals.  She seeks out sales and discounts for just about everything that she buys.  I on the other hand seek out