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Back to school: What do you really need?

by Jane Wangersky August 31st, 2010| Kids' Shopping
There's no avoiding back-to-school shopping, even for homeschoolers -- so let's see how to make it as simple and effective as possible.

School supplies are the most important item, of course (yes, I know the kids think it's clothes -- we'll get to them later). You may have been

Electronics On A Budget

by Anna P. August 24th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
Everyone wants the latest "It" gadget, but not everyone can afford the latest technology has to offer. If you're like most consumers, you have a healthy interest in modern technology but you won't let it consume you or your finances  You also want the latest product but you don't

Back to School in Saving Styles

by Kendall Ryan August 17th, 2010| Fashion, Sales
Looking to step back into school in style? Follow these few simple steps in order to look the best!

  1. Shoes: Begin your search at department stores in your local mall such as Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor , and Macy's. Look for the sales first and collect your coupons! Be sure

Pre-Ordering Games

by Jacob Parzych August 11th, 2010| Kids' Shopping
Now, I don't have extensive game buying experience, as my game library consists of a modest nine games, but I do understand the pros and cons to pre-ordering a video game.

To start , I have a little information on pre-ordering.  It is generally only offered on games that are

Shopping For Back-to-School Deals

by Anna P. August 3rd, 2010| Kids' Shopping, Money Saving Hints
Mid to late summer is a stressful time for most families, particularly those with school-aged children. There is so much to do and so little time. You've got to register them for the school-year, catch up on their shots and health records, re-establish a daily routine, help them shop