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Spend Nothing on Postage this Christmas

by Jane Wangersky November 30th, 2010| Money Saving Hints
Unless you're able and willing to hand-deliver Christmas presents to everyone on your list,  it may seem postage is a necessary expense. It can add up if you have friends and family out of town. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid spending anything on postage:

1. Check out companies that

Decorating the Kitchen

by Jaclyn Abergas November 23rd, 2010| Home Shopping
Decorating the kitchen is tricky because of all the appliances involved. These are heavy-duty appliances that could not only damage the entire household but are quite expensive to replace, too. Since that'll take a lot of planning to do, let's stick to the factors that can be controlled easily.



How To Be Your Own Stylist Part 2

by Anna P. November 16th, 2010| Fashion, Women's Fashion
Welcome to part two of How To Be Your Own Stylist.  Since this is the conclusion of last week's post, I will share more tips on how to dress well and make fashion fun again--read on!

5- Rediscover Your Favorite Pieces

Remember the closet you just cleaned? Go back and

Online Freebie Hints

by Erin Edwards November 11th, 2010| Shopping Secrets
Discover some helpful shopping secrets, courtesy of Erin Edwards, Financial Expert.

1) In order to keep your inbox clean, sign up for a free email account with GMAIL or Hotmail. When you are signing up for freebies, use that email address so your main email doesn't get cluttered.

2) Set aside

How To Be Your Own Stylist Part 1

by Anna P. November 9th, 2010| Fashion, Women's Fashion
Have you ever wondered how certain starlets always manage to look super chic, even when they're making an early morning coffee run at Starbucks? Their secret to fashion success? A stylist. While most of us don't have thousands of dollars to pay a professional shopper work their magic on

Brand New at the Thrift Store

by Jane Wangersky November 2nd, 2010| Shopping Secrets
Secondhand purchases can be a great bargain -- but while you're shopping at the thrift store, you'll probably also find brand new stuff at the lowest prices you'll see outside a garage sale. And it's not all the off-brands you usually find at the dollar store.

At this time of