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Adding Personality to Your Home

by Jaclyn Abergas July 28th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
What makes a home a home? When you add your personality to it. It doesn't have to be big, like a 10-feet couch, but it has to say something about you.

Start Little

It's hard to decorate an apartment or a house, especially when you're on a tight budget. So why

Back-to-School Bargain Blitz

by Jodi Furman July 27th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Back-to-School - three words that strike dread into the hearts of students and parents alike. The kids are dreading the loads of upcoming homework and tests, and parents are dreading the drain on the bank account that Back-to-School shopping entails. While there's not much to do about reducing the

Shopping for Skincare Products

by Anna P. July 26th, 2011| Women's Fashion
Makeup will do nothing if your skin isn't up to par. Taking care of your skin and face is so important; you should think of skincare as prepping a canvas for art. Unlike makeup, skin care really doesn't have trends, and the right skin care routine will vary from

Back to School Shopping and Teens

by Lori Sciame July 25th, 2011| Kids' Shopping
When my kids were little, it was relatively easy to buy them back to school clothes, shoes, and supplies. In grade school, the latest Disney or Harry Potter movie dictated the theme of backpacks, lunch boxes, and even clothing. As children age, however, they become more difficult to buy

The Decor Hunt for an Apartment

by Jaclyn Abergas July 21st, 2011| Home Shopping
I moved to my current apartment a couple of months ago, but it's still barely furnished. I've got the essentials, but not a lot of anything else. Walls are still bare, and I've resorted to taping to-do lists on the walls, just so the white walls are not so

Shopping for Fall Boots

by Anna P. July 19th, 2011| Fashion
We've still got two months before the temperatures start to take a dip, but stores are ready to begin peddling fall clothes, accessories, and shoes. If you're ready to start thinking about cool autumn style, then why not begin with an essential like boots?

Here is your primer to three

Free is Fun!

by Lori Sciame July 18th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Last week, at an upscale department store in my hometown, I took advantage of a coupon worth $5.00 off any sale priced item. So, being the budget conscious shopper I am, I picked out a pair of women’s panties for $5.00! You should have seen the look on the

10 Fashion Tips for the College Guy

by Mackenzie M. July 14th, 2011| Fashion
College guys, it is time to step up to the plate. The days when only girls had to look good have been over for some time now. It seems that many college guys did not get the memo. College campuses seem to harbor fashion atrocities at every turn. So

Grab Bag Shopping: Low-Budget Swim Suits

by Louise July 12th, 2011| Sales
I have never particularly enjoyed shopping for bathing suits. It's hard to find one that I like, and when I do finally find one, it's the most expensive on the rack.

On my family's most recent vacation, my sister forgot her bathing suit. For the first few days of the

Shopping for Your Vacation Rental

by Lori Sciame July 11th, 2011| Home Shopping
Two weeks ago I spent a glorious week in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. Thank goodness, the owner of the condo I rented had visitors in mind when he or she outfitted the condo. We had everything we needed to make our stay enjoyable, and then some. So, if you

How to Wear Summer Clothes This Fall

by Anna P. July 7th, 2011| Fashion, Women's Fashion
The seasons change and so do fashion trends. Right now we're living in cozy clothes like cotton tanks, rompers, and bold print sundresses, but can we wear our favorite piece when the temperature drops? Here are a few must-haves to add to our wardrobe to ensure that you can

Decorating Your Patio

by Jaclyn Abergas July 5th, 2011| Home Shopping
It's finally happened! You've finally got the patio that you've wanted all these years, but now comes the hard part. How will you decorate it?

Before you start anything, you have to answer a few questions that will help immensely with your patio project.

  • How big is the space? Is it
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