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Finding Kid’s Clothes at the Flea Market

by T Akery September 29th, 2011| Kids' Shopping
The flea market is not something you would normally associate with children's clothing. In fact, you can find some good deals if you know what you are looking for. There are a couple things to know about buying clothes from the flea market. The biggest drawback is that you

Shopping to Shape the World

by Candi Sparks September 28th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
There couldn’t be a better time to shop with charity in mind. Giving doesn’t have to stop just because the economy is bad. Almost every dollar spent on buying things that we need and want - like food, clothing and household items - are available from companies that give a portion of

Women’s Fashions Online – Part 1

by Anna P. September 27th, 2011| Women's Fashion
Fashionable clothes and trendy accessories are a must-have for any fashion lover, but unfortunately, the current state of the economy prevents many of us from buying the hottest item of the season. The one good thing to come out of a bad economy is that lots of women are

Unique Home Shops: Seattle, WA

by Jaclyn Abergas September 26th, 2011| Home Shopping
Here's a rundown of home shops in Seattle to go to for competitive prices and customized designs. What's on your list of favorite Seattle home shops?

Seattle Home Company

Seattle Home Company opened in 2008, selling consigned and used furniture. They used to have a big showroom on 1st and Madison,

Home Shops: Washington, D.C.

by Jaclyn Abergas September 22nd, 2011| Home Shopping

Founded in 2002 by Jason Claire and Eric Kole, Vastu believes art and design should be represented as inspiring and friendly. They sell unique and high quality pieces from independent artisans. They have everything for all the rooms in your house. They've got cocktail tables, credenzas, sofas, and benches

Budget Fashion at the Mall

by Anna P. September 20th, 2011| Fashion
The average American shopping mall gets a bad rep. This is thanks to the ubiquitous shops that sell cheaply made knock-offs of the apparel and accessories we see on the runway. Also, thanks to the modern-day convenience of online shopping that allows you to buy designer goods for a

Shopping Fun

by Lori Sciame September 19th, 2011| Kids' Shopping
*A toy company holds an all day toy sale at a fall festival to raise money for park equipment.
*A popular doll company hosts a benefit sale which offers fantastic prices on their quality merchandise.
*A food, clothing, and variety catalog company operates an outlet store in their home town with

Unique Home Stores: Los Angeles

by Jaclyn Abergas September 15th, 2011| Home Shopping
Los Angeles is a big county, and looking for the best stores to visit for your home shopping needs can be daunting. I've rounded up a list of stores that can help you decorate your home.

H.D. Buttercup

H.D. Buttercup may have one-of-a-kind pieces, but they will definitely have something for

Birthday Freebies

by Jodi Furman September 14th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
What a drag it is getting old... well, not if you get some great free swag for your birthday! Birthday freebies are no longer just a piece of cake and an off tune rendition of  “Happy Birthday” from your server. Discounts and freebies show up in unexpected places and

Designer Clothes for Kids

by Anna P. September 13th, 2011| Fashion
Most young children love to copy their parent's every move. Remember when you were a little girl, and you loved to wear your mother's clothes and walk in her shoes? These days children don't have to wear their parents clothes to look cool. Many of our favorite designers are

What Does That Mean?

by Lori Sciame September 12th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Shopping for budget items can be confusing, as there may be terms associated with items for sale that you have never heard of before. If you love a good bargain as much as I do, you look for terms such as clearance, white sale, and going out of business

Trendy Clothes for College

by Mackenzie M. September 8th, 2011| Fashion
I quite enjoyed writing my Fashion Tips for the College Guy articles, so I have decided to take it one step further. I will now transition from telling you what to wear, fellow college guys, to where to buy these items. Working with a college student’s budget can be
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