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Affordable and Stylish Athletic Footwear

by Anna P. November 29th, 2011| Shoes, Women's Fashion
A good workout starts with a great pair of athletic shoes. You want a pair that's going to be comfortable no matter what activity you're involved in - hiking, biking, or running. Read further to find out how to shop for a pair of shoes you will actually use.


Fashion Bargain Roundup Nov. 27 – Dec. 3

by Anna P. November 28th, 2011| Sales
The holiday season is officially upon us, and if you weren't able to get a lot of your shopping done this past Black Friday weekend, you can rest assured that there are plenty more deals! There will be sales and specials as the holiday season progresses, but this week

Shopping for Bargain Kid’s Clothing

by T Akery November 25th, 2011| Kids' Shopping
Retail stores are tempting places to buy kid's clothing. Many stores are geared towards this particular group of customers; however, their prices can be very high. That is unless you know what you are getting into before you go. Here are a couple of tips that will help you

Perfect Accessories?

by Michele November 24th, 2011| Accessories, Women's Fashion
You have been shopping for hours.  Finally, you have found the exact outfit you want for the special occasion or event in the near future.  You know that you have shoes at home that will match, but you don't have the accessories that will complete the outfit.  You now

Cocktail Dresses on a Budget

by Anna P. November 22nd, 2011| Women's Fashion
The holiday season is here, and now it's time shop for the perfect cocktail dress (or two) for all the parties you will be attending. As tempting as it may be to buy the prettiest and most expensive dress you see on the rack, you still have some time

Fashion Bargain Roundup Nov. 20 – 26

by Anna P. November 21st, 2011| Sales
Fashionistas on a budget are always looking for the latest sales. Welcome to my weekly edition of Fashion Bargain Roundup. Each week I will share the best sales on clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Unless noted in the details of the deal, most of the sales and specials mentioned

Home Stores: Honolulu

by Jaclyn Abergas November 17th, 2011| Home Shopping
Ross's Appliance and Furniture

If you want basic, no frills appliances and furniture for your home, then Ross's is the place for you. They have a wide variety of affordable appliances and furniture to fit any home style, from traditional to colonial to country to modern. Also with styles in

Giving Back Without Spending a Dime – Part 3

by Jodi Furman November 16th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
This is the final installment of a three part series. Last week Jody suggested we give back by using coupons. This week she lets us know about matching donations, as well has how to check if a charity is legitimate.

If you opt to donate cash rather than

Black Friday Tips for Fashionistas

by Anna P. November 15th, 2011| Fashion
Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is probably one of the best shopping days a serious fashionista can shop.  Everyone talks about all the deals on toys and electronics, but careful research and savvy bargain hunting will help you uncover some truly amazing deals on winter attire and accessories

Winter Essentials: Man on a Budget

by Mackenzie M. November 14th, 2011| Men's Shopping
It may have only been a few weeks since I wrote about “Fall Essentials: Man on a Budget,” but winter has ferociously knocked on our doors this week, even at my Louisiana home. The colder temperatures warranted another trip to the mall. Much like this fall, this

Home Shops: San Antonio

by Jaclyn Abergas November 10th, 2011| Home Shopping
Furniture For A Cause

How often can you shop for much-needed furniture and perform a good deed at the same time? At Furniture For A Cause, you can do both at the same time. Furniture For A Cause sells both new and donated furniture, and all profits (100%) go to

Giving Back Without Spending a Dime – Part 2

by Jodi Furman November 9th, 2011| Shopping Secrets
Last week Jodi told us how to buy one and donate one, as well as where to donate usable items we no longer find useful. This week consider using coupons to "give back."

Rather than donating money, consider pooling your coupon resources with your neighbors, friends, school, scouting
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