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Easter Dresses

by T Akery March 30th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Once spring has presented itself in nature, the time to think about Easter dresses has arrived. Those colorful dresses are decorating stores and announcing that Easter will be here very shortly. Unfortunately, this is usually a dress that doesn't see much wear other than on the day of the

Spring Must Haves

by Lori Sciame March 29th, 2012| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Want to stand out in the crowd this spring? Three fashion trends can help you do just that. Flowing feathers worn in the hair, light-weight scarves around the neck, and nail polish color surprises can amp your style quotient. Low in cost, and high in style, these easy fashion

Essential Undergarments and Lingerie

by Anna P. March 28th, 2012| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Every fashionista knows that the right undergarments and lingerie are building components to a wardrobe. Whatever you choose to wear underneath your favorite garments can greatly impact how you appear. For that, it's vital to know which underpinnings are effective.  Here is a small list to inspire you.

1- Tee

Free Clip Art Samples

by Jane Wangersky March 27th, 2012| Bargains of the Week
Clip art is the quickest, easiest way to add professional illustrations to your blog or other site, and it's also inexpensive -- in fact, if you sign up for the Dover Publications sampler, it's free.

Dover specializes in royalty-free clip art, reprints of out-of-copyright books, how-to manuals, and

Fashion Bargain Roundup March 26 – 31

by Anna P. March 26th, 2012| Sales
Spring has arrived and so have many of the stellar spring sales! Right now is a good time to start shopping for discounted apparel, footwear, and accessories such as rain gear, swimwear, summer dresses, and much more. Check out the small list below and start shopping for fabulous fashion

The Perfect Casual Friday Look

by Mackenzie M. March 23rd, 2012| Men's Shopping
Although some work places allow casual Friday attire at any time throughout the work week, most offices only allow casual clothing one day a week. To many, this may be an opportunity to come to work in worn jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, but for guys who want to

When to Purchase Designer Shoes

by Anna P. March 22nd, 2012| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Owning a large collection of designer footwear is a dream for most women. While there is nothing wrong with that dream, it's a little unrealistic to expect that your entire closet will be filled with expensive kicks. So when should you actually splurge on shoes and when shouldn't you?


by Sam P. March 21st, 2012| Money Saving Hints
In New Hampshire there is a guy named Robert Wilkins who created an app, Free Price Alerts,  that allows you to shop online and get the best prices and deals.  You can shop from your computer or from your Apple product.  It is very helpful and easy to

Art Clearance

by Jane Wangersky March 20th, 2012| Bargains of the Week
AllPosters.com is having a clearance sale -- probably something to do with this being the time of year when students think about escaping from their dorm rooms, not decorating them -- with prices up to 75% off. That means beautiful vintage-style posters for under $5, prints of

Fashion Bargain Roundup March 19 – 24

by Anna P. March 19th, 2012| Sales
The days (and nights) are warming up fast, and we still have a week or two before April. If you haven't already started shopping for spring and summer fashions, now would be a good time to start. There are lots of fabulous sales on women's apparel, accessories, shoes, bags,

Children’s Jeans

by T Akery March 16th, 2012| Kids' Shopping
Any parent that shops for children's jeans knows that it is the one of the hardest pieces of clothing to fit. It either fits in the waist and doesn't fit in the length, or it fits in length and slides off the waist. Belts aren't always a reliable solution

Spring Trend: Colorblock Style

by Anna P. March 15th, 2012| Women's Fashion
Colorblock is a hot trend for spring and summer 2012 for good reason. It's a fun way to try bold colors without committing to one shade; it's also a great way to try on several new colors at once. The best colorblock pieces usually incorporate other shades like black,
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