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Summer Dress Trends You’ll Love

by Anna P. March 29th, 2013| Current Trends
Warmer weather means summer dresses. Every fashionista loves to wear pretty dresses in bold hues and fun prints, and this season has no shortage of styles you will want to wear. Let's take a closer look at some of the coolest dress trends of the season, and how you

Evening Wear When You’re Pregnant

by R. Carnavale March 28th, 2013| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Looking your best is always important, but no more so than when you’re pregnant and going out for a night on the town. Whether you want to highlight or hide your growing tummy, there’s no reason to throw style to the wind when you're pregnant; instead, follow these tips,

What Should I Wear to Work?

by Lori Sciame March 27th, 2013| Office Wear
If you are just about to enter the workforce, then knowing what to wear in an office setting may seem confusing. What is too casual? What accessories are useful?  How many pairs of shoes do I need? How much will an office wardrobe cost?  There are many things to

Fashion Deals for Women: March 26 – 30

by Anna P. March 25th, 2013| Sales
Great deals can be found year round as long as you know where to look. This week, we've got some fantastic deals from three popular stores, including American Eagle Outfitters, Banana Republic, and C & C California. Unless otherwise noted, these sales are clearances and should last through Saturday,

Transform Your Hair with Sea Salt

by R. Carnavale March 22nd, 2013| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Salt isn’t just for spicing up food; it can spice up your hair to make it look fuller, thicker, fresher, less oily, and lighter colored, too. Unlike keratin based products that have formaldehyde and damaging ingredients like sulfates, sea salt is a natural, organic, and relatively safe ingredient for
sakura 2

Spring Wedge Styles to Wear This Season

by Anna P. March 21st, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Warmer weather means wedge heels, and what better way to kick off spring than without a great pair of fun wedge shoes? This upcoming season brings up lots of opportunities to wear this style of footwear and to kick off the style celebration, we have a list of amazing

Take a Dive into Nautical Fashion

by Mackenzie M. March 20th, 2013| Men's Shopping
The spring season is in full swing in fashion retailers around the nation. While the winter color of the year was a rich blue black for men, spring is the marked reaction to the dark colors of winter. Retailers like J. Crew and H&M have started to send out

Scarves: Teen Ideas

by Sam P. March 19th, 2013| Teen Fashion
I love scarves, I really do.  They are so versatile and can really pull together an outfit.  I have actually gone so far as to base a whole entire outfit off of just a scarf.  I also love how many patterns they can have.  They don't have to be
wet seal

Weekly Fashion Bargains: March 18 – 23

by Anna P. March 18th, 2013| Sales
Great deals are everywhere this week. If you are looking for amazing buys and discounts on your favorite items, now is the time to start shopping. This week, we have deals from three of your favorite stores including Bluefly, Wet Seal, and American Eagle Outfitters. Unless otherwise noted, these

Chic Top and Skirt Combos for the Office

by Anna P. March 15th, 2013| Office Wear
Not sure what to wear in the office? We have three amazing top and skirt combos to try. These looks are fresh enough to be considered trendy yet classic enough to wear to the office. What's more is that these looks can also be worn outside the office. Here

Notice Me Neon

by Lori Sciame March 14th, 2013| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Neon colors abound in fashion accessories this spring.  These eye popping shades accent outfits in the most daring way.  From practical umbrellas, to thin suspenders, to dangling earrings, neon colors make accessories crackle that much more.  When defining what makes a color neon, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary puts it plainly,

UGG! or Ugh?

by Lori Sciame March 13th, 2013| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
One of the hottest trends continuing to sweep the US is the UGG boot.  These boots, which herald from California, grace the feet of young and old women alike.  Because the cost of these shoes is high, several manufacturers have jumped on the trend with cheap knock off versions. 
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