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High Rise Shorts

by Sam P. April 30th, 2013| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion
I love high rise shorts.  They really look great on everybody.  It doesn't matter if you have a perfect hour glass figure or no curves at all, they look fantastic.  The 80's are back; it's official!

The best thing about high rise shorts is that even if you are like
Weekly Sales

Fashion Deals for Women: April 30 – May 4

by Anna P. April 29th, 2013| Sales
The quickest way for fashionistas to be happy is by alerting them of the latest sales. Fortunately, there seems to be good sales and amazing clearances any given week. This week, we have rounded up three can't miss clearances from two mall staples (The Limited and The Buckle), as
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Chic Warm Weather Cover Ups

by Anna P. April 26th, 2013| Current Trends
The warmer weather that comes with spring and summer often gives us the opportunity to skip wearing jackets or outerwear. Unfortunately, there are times when we need to wear a jacket, including on chilly evenings or rainy afternoons. The good news is that there are lots of chic and

Dress Glam Like Michelle Obama

by R. Carnavale April 25th, 2013| Evening Wear
American women need only look to the White House to learn how to dress fashionably American when it comes to evening wear. Michelle Obama has to be the most fashion conscious first lady in 50 years. While comparisons to Jackie Kennedy are easy to make, I give the current

Timeless Fashion

by Editorial Team April 25th, 2013| Special Interest Section
When you ask someone what time it is, there is a good chance that he will look at his cell phone to give you that answer.  However, if he is trying to make a fashion statement and be timely, he will look at his watch.

The addition of a watch

Clothes for Work on a Budget

by Lori Sciame April 24th, 2013| Office Wear
Purchasing clothing to wear to work can break the bank.  A woman wants to look her best while still having money left over to pay other pressing bills. With salaries for professionals either decreasing due to furlough days or lack of raises, it can be extremely difficult to make

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

by Editorial Team April 24th, 2013| Special Interest Section
I don't know what it is about them, but shoes are a favorite shopping item.  Listen to a group of women as they walk by a shoe store, and there's likely to be many comments about how cute a certain pair is or wishing to add more heels to
Weekly Sales

Weekly Fashion Deals: April 22 – 27

by Anna P. April 22nd, 2013| Sales
Who doesn't love a great deal? Even retail stores and websites love a good deal, especially when it inspires us to do a little more shopping. This week, we have some amazing deals from popular stores like Bluefly, Express Fashion, and Michael Stars. Like all clearances, these incredible deals

Stylish & Practical in One Package

by Editorial Team April 22nd, 2013| Special Interest Section
Although the warm weather of spring has arrived, there still are chilly beginnings and endings to many days.  If you want to use the teenage mentality of looking cool while shivering nonstop, you could leave your jacket in the closet.  However, if you would rather stay warm and look

Spring/Summer Hair & Makeup Trends

by R. Carnavale April 19th, 2013| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Forget everything you’ve ever learned about hair and makeup if you want to be in style this spring and summer. This season’s trends call for imperfect hair styles (messy hair that looks like hairbrushes and combs have become extinct), fallen angels makeup, and pale or Goth look nails. The

Stylish Shoes for Special Occasions

by Anna P. April 18th, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
One of the joys of dressing up for special occasions is choosing a pair of shoes that you don't wear every day. It gives you the opportunity to wear sparkly sandals, four inch heels, gorgeous platform pumps, or gladiator heels. There are some many fabulous styles to choose from
3d illustration of computer technologies. concept notebook

Fabulous Plus Size Clothing

by Editorial Team April 18th, 2013| Special Interest Section
Shopping for a new season of clothing or just an outfit can feel cumbersome at times.  For moments like that there's nothing better than being able to find the right item, especially when you can do it from the comfort of your couch via an online purchase.  Of course,
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