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GSI contest

Get the Winner’s Look

by Gabriella Servello June 28th, 2013| Women's Fashion
Thank you to all of the contestants and voters who took the time to participate in the Best Dressed Contest! We would like to recognize Julia, contestant number 3, who was the winner of the contest. Congratulations Julia!

For all of you fashionistas out there who would like to

Wedges for the Summer Season

by Anna P. June 28th, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Summertime is the prime time to wear wedge shoes. Rock the season in a pair of pretty espadrille wedges or strappy sandals. No matter what your personal taste, wedges will work for you. We will share the best trends in the market right now, and give you tips on
flip flops

Getting a Safe Spray Tan

by Jane Wangersky June 27th, 2013| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
There are plenty of good reasons to go for a fake tan rather than a real one this summer -- you may be concerned about UV rays, photo-aging, or other effects the sun can have on the skin, and you may (like me) just be unable to tan (though

UNIQLO Summer Innovations

by Mackenzie M. June 26th, 2013| Men's Shopping
During the hot and humid summer weather, even the lightest clothing can be uncomfortable. Most of the men’s fashion articles that I write highlight different styles to be aware of and different trends to abide. While I am normally not a proponent of wearing athletic gear as an everyday

Beachy Hair

by Sam P. June 25th, 2013| Teen Fashion
Everybody knows that a girl's best accessory is her hair, and that the best way to style hair in the summer is for the beach. There  are so many different styles that are beach worthy, and I will give you a how-to on my two favorite styles.

When someone says
Weekly Sales

Women’s Fashion Bargains June 24 – 29

by Anna P. June 24th, 2013| Sales
Good sales should never be hard to find. Fortunately, some of the best stores have frequent sales or clearances throughout the year. This week, we have some great clearances from JCPenney, Nordstrom, and Victoria's Secret. No matter what your budget is, a great sale should never be passed up.

Wearing Bright and Bold Color

by Anna P. June 20th, 2013| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
This summer, bold color has come back with a bang! It's all about eye catching hues like blue, orange, red, yellow, or green. It's all about stylish pieces in colors that make a big impact. Whether or not you're into bold hues, there is no doubt that colorful clothes

Suit Shopping Made Easy

by Lori Sciame June 19th, 2013| Office Wear, Women's Fashion
Thousands of recent college graduates will be making the transition to the work world in the next few months. Although what to wear to work may not be an issue for some, many businesses still require formal attire, including suits. Thank goodness retailers offer tools on the Internet to

Dress for Sex

by R. Carnavale June 18th, 2013| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
When you're going out for the evening, maybe you just want to socialize, maybe you're looking for some romance, or maybe you're in an adventurous mood and want a hook-up. This week, Go Shopping Info interviews dating stylist Jennifer Kelton, who offers readers practical tips on dressing for sex.
Weekly Sales

Weekly Fashion Deals June 17-22

by Anna P. June 17th, 2013| Sales
Who doesn't love a good deal? For most serious bargain hunters, there is truly nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect deal. Fortunately, there are so many amazing deals to be had, if you know when and where to look. This week, we have deals from three popular stores

Dress to Impress on a First Date

by R. Carnavale June 14th, 2013| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
On a first date, you want to create a great first impression because a great first impression may help make your date blossom into romance, sex and maybe even a permanent commitment. This week, Go Shopping Info interviewed dating stylist Jennifer Kelton, who offers practical tips on creating that great
GSI contest

Love of Fashion: Best Dressed Contest

by Gabriella Servello June 13th, 2013| Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion
Do you love making a fashion statement with your outfits? Are you constantly searching Pinterest for the most up-to-date fashion tips and ideas? Are you a shopaholic, always finding yourself buying more clothes (even though you don’t need them)?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, how
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