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Inspired Accessories

by Lori Sciame July 31st, 2013| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Accessories have the power to add much to a woman's overall look.  They not only finish an outfit, as much like the decorations on a cake, they can also reveal a woman's personal sense of style. Because of this, a woman must give her various accessories the thought and
Weekly Sales

Weekly Fashion Deals: July 29 – August 3

by Anna P. July 29th, 2013| Sales
If you love a good clothing sale, you won't want to miss this week's sales from American Eagle Outfitters, Kohl's, and Urban Outfitters. These sales offer just about everything you need this season for far less than typical retail prices. Unless otherwise noted, these sales are clearances and should

Affordable Footwear Designers

by Anna P. July 26th, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
For most women, designer shoes are essential to a complete wardrobe. A good pair of shoes is quintessential to real style. A good pair of shoes is all you need to dress up any look, from jeans to sundresses. Since most of us love shoes and purchase a new

Six Tips for Home Party Guests

by Jane Wangersky July 25th, 2013| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
When a friend asked me to go a cosmetics party a few weeks ago, I didn't know what to expect.  It was years since I'd been to anything like that, and all I remembered from the last one was buying a jar of green stuff to "correct" my complexion.

The Case for Chubbies

by Mackenzie M. July 24th, 2013| Men's Shopping
Take a walk around any large university on a warm summer day, and you will likely see hoards of ‘frat boys’ wearing unusually short shorts. These shorts, branded as Chubbies, are the latest craze among the ‘bro’ culture of many university-aged men. While these short, multi-colored shorts expose an

Sea Salt Hairspray

by Sam P. July 23rd, 2013| Teen Fashion
Summer lends itself to fun hairstyles.  From the updo to the French braid, now is the time to experiment.  One way to look chic - use a sea salt hairspray.  This type of hairspray comes in handy whenever you want perfect beachy hair.  It gives your hair a slightly
Weekly Sales

Weekly Fashion Deals: July 22 – July 27

by Anna P. July 22nd, 2013| Sales
Amazing deals can be yours if you know where to look. This week, we have a list of great deals from all your favorite stores, including Old Navy, Aeropostale, and Victoria's Secret. Whatever you're looking for, you will find it on sale this week. Unless otherwise mentioned, these are

How to Wear Leggings

by Anna P. July 19th, 2013| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
Leggings and skinny jeans are in right now. Unfortunately, it's one of those trends that are tricky to wear for a lot of women. Fortunately, you don't have to be super skinny to wear this type of clothing. The key here is to find a pair that not only
evening wear

Dress for a Gatsby-Themed Party

by R. Carnavale July 18th, 2013| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
This year's #1 party theme is "The Great Gatsby," so if you're lucky enough to be invited to a Gatsby-era themed party or wedding, you'll want to look the part, whether you'll be dolled up as a flapper, gangster, or silent screen star. Despite Prohibition, the 1920s were filled

Refresh an Office Wardrobe

by Lori Sciame July 17th, 2013| Office Wear, Women's Fashion
Working 40 hours a week in an office, every week, all year, creates the need for a decent wardrobe. For special days, when one must look her very best, she should own at least one suit. For days when out in the field, she will need to look put
Weekly Sales

Weekly Fashion Deals: July 15 – 20

by Anna P. July 15th, 2013| Sales
Great deals should never be hard to find. This week, we have some amazing sales from three popular stores: Bakers Shoes, Express, and Bebe. Unless otherwise noted, these sales are clearances and should last through Saturday, July 20th.

Clearance at Bakers Shoes

Chic footwear styles should never cost a

For that Special Event

by Editorial Team July 15th, 2013| Special Interest Section, Women's Fashion
As a woman, most evenings out require little more than a nice dress, a pair of heels, and some accessories.  However, every once in a while there is an occasion that calls for more formal or fun attire.  Your regular date dresses won't work.  When you need a cocktail
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