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Stylish Heels for the Holidays

by Anna P. October 31st, 2013| Shoes
Shopping for a pair of stylish heels for all the upcoming holiday events you will be attending shouldn't be hard. The best thing you can do is to find a pair of amazing shoes that you can wear with a variety of looks from dresses, to flirty blouse and

How to Dress for a Semi-formal Event

by Jacob Parzych October 30th, 2013| Men's Shopping
As a high school student, I have attended my fair share of semi-formals throughout my life.  More often than not, I find myself surrounded by young men who literally have no clue what to wear for a semi-formal.  There are far too many faux-paus, ranging from wearing high top
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How to Stay Warm at Football Games

by Sam P. October 29th, 2013| Casual Tops
If you live anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line you'll be sure to agree that it is getting quite cold out.  And last Friday night at my school's homecoming game I was sure that my toes had frost bite.  By the end of the night I couldn't even

Bargain Chevron Infinity Scarf and 5 Ways to Wear It

by Donella Crigger October 28th, 2013| Bargains of the Week
The scarf is one of the must-have accessories for fall or any time of year. Scarves are incredibly versatile, making even the most ordinary outfits look spectacular. Scarves are one of the more affordable accessories, too. They’re cheaper than buying a new purse or another piece of jewelry. This
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Shop These Trendy Stores to Save

by Lori Sciame October 25th, 2013| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
Keeping up with the latest clothing trends can be expensive.  For instance, designer jeans can cost well over $300 alone.  Most American women do not have the funds to acquire a wardrobe valued in the thousands of dollars, yet they still want to look up to the minute.  The good news
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How To Wear Fall Trends At Work

by Anna P. October 24th, 2013| Office Wear
There are lots of exciting style trends this fall that are worth a try. Even more exciting? There are quite a few trends that can easily be adapted for the office. We've got three key trends for this season and tips on how you can really make these looks

Big, Bold, and Budget Friendly

by Lori Sciame October 23rd, 2013| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Current trends in jewelry should have the budget conscious shopper feeling pretty good. Gone are the days when expensive pearls and diamonds graced the neck and ears of a fashionable woman.  Instead, big, bold, and budget-friendly describes jewelry trends in 2013.  Since the materials used to make these pieces

Aeropostale Camis on Clearance

by Donella Crigger October 21st, 2013| Bargains of the Week
Camisoles are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Thankfully, they’re not the fussy, lacy things that they used to be. Now, most of them are comfortable and designed for everyday wear. If you’re in need of some new cami's to go with your work wardrobe or even your casual

How To Wear Riding Boots This Fall

by Anna P. October 18th, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
You don't have to be a cowgirl or a horse rider to appreciate a good pair of riding boots. The best pairs add style and comfort. You want these shoes to keep your feet warm from the cold and elements, which means you may have to find a pair

Halloween Contact Lenses:Where and How Much

by Jane Wangersky October 17th, 2013| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Thinking of putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume with novelty contact lenses? They're a quick way to transform yourself by making your eyes look scary, weirdly beautiful, or just plain weird. They're fun, and you can wear them safely, but if you've never shopped for them, there
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You Should Cuff Your Jeans

by Jacob Parzych October 16th, 2013| Men's Shopping
"Yes, you.  You, that man, sitting there in that boring pair of jeans.  Did you notice that I called them boring?  That's because plain blue jeans are boring.  Sorry, bud, but it is true.  They're boring. "

"They could be fun though...  Do you wanna know how?"  (I know you
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Cat Eyes

by Sam P. October 15th, 2013| Teen Fashion, Women's Beauty
I often like to think of myself of a sort of teenage fashion guru.  Specifically, in the field of make up.  Lately, my favorite makeup trick has been the cat eye.  Its a fairly timeless look, and it can be easily transferred from day to night.  Although, it scares
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