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3 Stylish Pea Coats for $50 or Less

by Donella Crigger December 30th, 2013| Bargains of the Week
For savvy shoppers looking for a pea coat, now is the time to buy. Most stores have these coats on clearance, as they’ll soon be preparing to bring in their spring lines. We’ve compiled three amazing pea coats ranging in price from only $30 - $55. With discount codes,
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Getting a Tailored Suit

by Jacob Parzych December 26th, 2013| Men's Shopping
Suits will always make you stand out from a crowd of people dressed in casual clothing, but what if you need to stand out among a crowd of suits?  Now that is a real challenge.  The key is a high quality tailored suit.  This suit will fit you perfectly,

How To Wear Tricky Shoe Trends

by Anna P. December 25th, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Shoes are essential for every fashionista. Every woman wants to grow her collection of pumps, sandals, boots, wedges, and more. For those who enjoy the latest shoe trends, trying to figure out how to wear certain styles can prove to be a bit of a challenge. We're going to
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The Perfect New Year’s Eve Party Dress

by Sam P. December 24th, 2013| Casual Tops
As the new year draws closer, we are all making plans to just accidentally show up at the same party as your crush just in time for the countdown.  Not all parties are formal, but more often that not people like to dress up or be more festive for New
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Find the Perfect Little Black Dress Under $50

by Donella Crigger December 23rd, 2013| Bargains of the Week
New Year’s Eve is only a little more than a week away. You still have time – but not much time – to find the perfect party dress. There’s no better way to kick off the New Year than in a fabulous little black dress that accentuates your best

Best Accessory Gifts

by Lori Sciame December 20th, 2013| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Wondering what to buy the special women in your life for Christmas?  The answer is easy: one or more unique accessories.  These handy items take the guess work out of sizing - no need to worry about if they will be too big or too small - plus, accessories
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How To Reinvent Your Work Wardrobe

by Anna P. December 19th, 2013| Office Wear
Breathe new life into your current work wardrobe. Sure you've got classics like a blazer and high-waisted pencil skirt that can be worn in a nearly limitless variety of ways, but it's still fun to find even more ways you can renew your wardrobe.  Whether it's adding a variety
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Fashion Trends for Women 50+

by R. Carnavale December 18th, 2013| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
If you're over 50, you face unique challenges when it comes to fashion. While 50 may be the new 40, you may still feel a need to "dress your age" no matter how good your figure is. And if you're like most women 50+, you probably fear wearing figure

3 Bargain Gloves to Use With Touch Screen Devices

by Donella Crigger December 16th, 2013| Bargains of the Week
Are you looking for a way to keep those hands warm while you frolic in the snow with your family? We’ve got you covered. As you know, winter accessories have been on sale for some time. When it comes to gloves, however, cheaper isn’t always better. Unless you want
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The Safest and Most Dangerous Beauty Creams

by R. Carnavale December 13th, 2013| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
Like most women, you probably apply beauty creams to your face to enhance your looks, but did you know that many beauty balms and color correctors (BB and CC for short) contain chemicals and additives that are dangerous to your health? Cosmetics manufacturers often claim their products are anti-aging, brightening,
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Real Men Wear Scarves

by Jacob Parzych December 12th, 2013| Men's Shopping
As the winter months are here, you will finding it necessary to bundle up more and more often.  Sometimes it can be heard to dress up when you are trying to look classy, though.  With its ability to warm you, the scarf has a very important role in any

Comfortable And Stylish Shoes

by Anna P. December 11th, 2013| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Great footwear is something you really don't want to live without. A great pair of shoes does everything: elevate your look, protect your feet from the elements, and complete your style. Read on for a list of three stylish pair of shoes you should own this season as well
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