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Dress Like a Duchess: Fashion Chic on a Budget

by R. Carnavale April 30th, 2014| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
Royal watchers everywhere were amazed at how Kate Middleton, now known as "Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge," took the fashion world by storm on her recent trip Down Under. Wearing sophisticated, yet chic clothing that didn't cost an arm and a leg, the Duchess showed how a woman can
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Crossbody Bags at Bargain Prices

by Donella Crigger April 28th, 2014| Bargains of the Week
If you’ve looked at the spring and summer handbag fashions, you may have noticed that many of them are crossbody bags. Not only is this type of bag stylish, it’s a really comfortable way to wear a bag, especially if you have rounded shoulders.

Before we get to the
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Shoes for the Summer

by Jacob Parzych April 24th, 2014| Men's Shopping
As the sun finally shines and the snow melts away, it is finally time to start preparing for summer.  The warmer months fast approach and one must be prepared.  Although anyone can handle the basics: shorts, t-shirts, rolled-up sleeves, etc., the shoes can be a challenge.  What is the
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Must-Have Boat Shoe Styles This Season

by Anna P. April 23rd, 2014| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Boat shoes are a key trend in footwear right now. These shoes are so easy to wear thanks to the low heel and flexible materials. This trend is a dream for women who live for comfortable footwear. Check out three of our favorite picks (all of which are very
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Casual Bottoms for Spring

by Sam P. April 22nd, 2014| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion
As we trek closer and closer to summer the weather is getting warmer and warmer.  I don't know about you guys further south, but up here in frigid New Hampshire we have actually had seventy degree days.  And yes, you did read that right.  In fact, last night I

3 Maxi Dresses for Under $30

by Donella Crigger April 21st, 2014| Bargains of the Week
Maxi dresses are a great way to wear a long dress in a casual way. To make it work, choose low-key shoes like simple sandals or wedges. Because the focus is on your dress (and it will likely cover up most of your feet anyway), there’s no need for
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3 Ways to Look Thinner This Spring

by R. Carnavale April 16th, 2014| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
If you're like most women, you have at least one -- a figure flaw that makes you look fat, that is. Maybe you're short and pudgy or you have bat wings under your upper arms, or there's a belly roll (aka muffin top) resting on your waist, or a
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Pretty in Pink Shoes: 4 Styles for $30 or Less

by Donella Crigger April 14th, 2014| Bargains of the Week
Are you still looking for a great pair of shoes to go with your Easter dress? You’re in luck! We’ve found four pink shoes in several different styles to pair up with your dress or pants suit. If your budget is near its limit after buying new
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Clay Masks for a Beautiful Face

by R. Carnavale April 11th, 2014| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
If you have acne-prone or oily skin, clay masks are a must. Clay masks provide your skin with helpful minerals, stimulate blood flow and remove dirt and oil. In addition, clay masks have a long tradition of helping beautiful women have great-looking skin -- for instance, nearly 1800 years
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Proper Shorts Styling

by Jacob Parzych April 10th, 2014| Men's Shopping
As spring starts to roll in, I can now say I have worn shorts for the first time this year.  It was a balmy 54 degrees out in New Hampshire and I thought that it was worth celebrating such fantastic weather.  However, the beginning of shorts season starts to
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Wedge Heels you Can Rock This Season

by Anna P. April 9th, 2014| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Shoes can either make or break your look. The right pair of shoes will make you look and feel good. For fashionable women who follow trends, selecting a pair you will love is one of life's most joyful moments. Check out our favorite wedge heels which are perfect for
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Find a Great Easter Dress for Under $50

by Donella Crigger April 7th, 2014| Bargains of the Week
It’s almost time to break out the pastel dresses, big hats and white gloves. Okay, maybe that was the go-to Easter outfit when I was a kid, but Easter styles have improved significantly over the years. If you need a new dress to wear to church, a
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