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sams diy flower crown

How to Make a DIY Flower Crown

by Sam P. August 29th, 2014| Accessories, DIY, Women's Fashion
Flower crowns have absolutely been all the rage lately.  You can buy them just about anywhere, but usually if they're less that ten dollars the quality is pretty cheap.  And if you want one that is of good quality, they can get pretty pricey for a simple little headband. 
woman suit (400x400)

How to Add Style to Your Suits

by Anna P. August 28th, 2014| Office Wear, Women's Fashion
The suit is a classic staple in the modern woman's wardrobe. This versatile essential consists of two pieces (a jacket and pants) that can be worn together or separately. Many women appreciate the simple yet stylish look a suit offers, and it's a classic look for work. Read on
woman makeup (400x400)

MORE Makeup Tips to Take 10 Years Off Your Face

by R. Carnavale August 27th, 2014| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
There comes a time in every woman's life when she'd like to look a bit younger. While clothes and hairstyles can help turn back the sands of time, a youthful-looking face is critical to achieving success. The first part of this series, girl in fedora (400x400)

Teen Fashion – Fall 2014 Accessories

by Sam P. August 26th, 2014| Accessories, Teen Fashion
Fall is right around the corner, and that means not only do our closets have to change, but so do our accessories.  In the midst of fall, bright pink bracelets may stand out a bit.  Simple things like stackable rings can stay, and statement necklaces that aren't of bright
jewelry (400x400)

Accesories Under Ten Dollars

by Sam P. August 22nd, 2014| Accessories, Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
As a girl, accessories can make or break an outfit.  So often I am out at the mall and I find a statement necklace or stackable rings that I absolutely adore, but they're way too expensive.  I don't know about you, but I can't afford to spend twenty dollars
cocktail dresses (400x400)

The Perfect Plus Size Cocktail Dress

by Lori Sciame August 21st, 2014| Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion
Full figured women who adore fashion will relish the current trends in cocktail dresses. From striking prints, to eye popping solids, to delicate lace, and finally bare shoulders, the trendy evening wear of summer 2014 truly complements a woman who has voluptuous curves.  I guarantee you will love at
woman coat and belt (400x400)

Fall 2014 Trends in Casual Wear for Women

by Kimberly Hays August 20th, 2014| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
Fall will soon be here, and with the change in seasons comes a transition in clothing trends. By adding a few key trendy pieces to our wardrobes, we can be in style without breaking the bank. All of these pieces are available in stores everywhere, so choose a couple
ring (400x400)

4 Places to Find Awesome Midi Rings on Sale

by Marnie Bii August 18th, 2014| Bargains of the Week
Whether you've run out of room on your fingers or just like to wear unique jewelry, you can adorn your hands with midi rings made in a variety of styles. Midi rings sit just above your second or third knuckles on each finger. You can wear a set of
bandeau and diy headband

Turn an Old Cami Into a Bandeau and Headband

by Sam P. August 15th, 2014| Accessories, DIY
A few years ago I wore camis under literally everything.  Now I never wear them.  They never fit quite right and always bunch up around your middle so they are impossible to wear under fitted shirts.  I have a closet full of camis, and I have finally found a
heels (400x400)

Classic Pumps and Heels Under $50.00

by Anna P. August 13th, 2014| Shoes, Women's Fashion
A fabulous pair of high heels doesn't have to cost you much! You shouldn't have to pay a lot of money to curate an amazing wardrobe that is true to your sense of style. For many fashionistas, a great pair of heels is the hallmark of the perfect outfit.
teen (400x400)

Date Night Outfits for Summer

by Sam P. August 12th, 2014| Date Night Outfits, Teen Fashion
As we reach mid August the heat is still going strong.  The location of your date may change the temperature for you a bit so always remember to bring a sweater.  And of course, always dress accordingly for the weather.  Up in New England, August is just as hot
bangles (400x400)

Buy Some Beautiful Bangles on Sale Right Now

by Marnie Bii August 11th, 2014| Bargains of the Week
Bangle bracelets come in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials and styles. You can find a bangle to go with any outfit from casual running suits to formal dresses and skirts. Furthermore, you can wear more than a dozen bangles at a time or just one. Bangles even
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