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Shoes for the Hot Summer Heat

by Sam P. June 30th, 2015| Shoes, Teen Fashion

Most people check the weather, see a sweltering 90 degrees for next week, and rush out to buy a pair of flip flops.  Now flip flops are great, but they won't necessarily keep your feet cooler than any other shoe will.  In fact, your


4 Smoking Slipper Finds at a Bargain Price

by Marnie Bii June 29th, 2015| Bargains of the Week
Smoking slippers are a hybrid of a bedroom slipper and ballet flat. This type of footwear was originally designed to be worn while moving around indoors only. It is unknown who popularized its entrance into the outside world. But today, these shoes can be found at fashion shows, formal
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Trendy Pendant Necklaces for Under $10

by Lana Bandoim June 26th, 2015| Accessories, Women's Fashion
The pendant necklace is a trend straight from the runways, and it is a popular style that can be worn with daytime or nighttime attire. These pendant necklaces are under $10, yet they are still beautiful and unique. They are versatile without looking cheap, so you can easily match
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How to Amp up an Evening Look

by Lori Sciame June 25th, 2015| Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
Looking one's best has never been easier, as designer's have finally started to embrace a woman's assets instead of trying to hide her flaws. This is especially for a special night out. To accomplish this feat, clothing designers have embraced luxurious fabrics and added glitzy touches to help any
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5 Perfect Casual Beach Dresses

by Lana Bandoim June 24th, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
You slathered on the sunscreen and packed your bag with books, snacks and water. Now, you must choose the best beach dress to cover up before you spend the day in the sun. The following casual dresses are perfect for lounging by the water and enjoying the beach.

Chiffon Maxi
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Sam’s Suggestion on Keeping Clear Skin all Summer

by Sam P. June 23rd, 2015| Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion
Clear skin all summer is really quite easy - all you have to remember is HEP, Hydrate, Exfoliate, and Protect.  In the hot summer heat hydration is key.  You are sweating so much that you skin can become dry.  You may think your skin would do the opposite in

4 Gorgeous Strappy Sandal Bargain Buys

by Marnie Bii June 22nd, 2015| Bargains of the Week
Strappy lace up sandals look great while providing an amazing amount of support for all kinds of summertime activities. You can obtain this sandal style with a slight heel or rugged soles. The combination of the thick strap structure and feminine lace up ties really make this footwear stand
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Best Blushes for Under $10

by Lana Bandoim June 19th, 2015| Current Trends, Women's Fashion
Blush can help you create an instant glow that immediately makes you look younger. The best blushes add a subtle touch to your cheeks that looks natural. These blushes are inexpensive and perfect for achieving a beautiful glow.

NYX Blush Stick

The NYX Blush Stick costs $6 and comes
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DIY Fake False Lashes

by Sam P. June 18th, 2015| Beauty, DIY
So I know fake false lashes seems kind of redundant, but with this mascara tip your lashes will be so out of this world that no one will believe they're real.  The trick is layering, but then combing through so they don't become clumpy.  Everyone says that after you
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5 Hiking Shoes For Under $50

by Jessica B. June 17th, 2015| Shoes, Women's Fashion
Usually I don’t recommend buying cheap hiking shoes, because they are so essential to a great hike and cheap shoes tend not to be good for the long term. But if you are just planning to go on a few casual hikes, a cheap pair of hiking shoes can
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Active Wear for the Hot Summer Heat

by Sam P. June 16th, 2015| Athletic Wear, Teen Fashion
We all love the summer, the beach, ice cream, just being outside all the time.  It's great.  And we all want that perfect summer body, but it is just way too hot out to work out, right?  Wrong.  Sure you can get a gym membership and work out in
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5 Pairs of Shorts to Obtain for Under $25

by Marnie Bii June 15th, 2015| Bargains of the Week
Jean shorts are a classic summer staple that constantly evolves, but never goes out of style. Each year, you will want to invest in the most fashionable cuts available that season. Eventually, you will have a good representation of all of the best jean short styles. You can keep
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