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Best Gradual Tanning Lotions for Under $25

by Lana Bandoim July 31st, 2015| Accessories, Women's Beauty
If you want to recreate summer’s luminous glow, then you can try gradual tanning lotions that do not raise your risk of skin cancer. You can have the look of a tan without the risk of cancer, wrinkles and damaged skin. These gradual tanning lotions are under $25, so
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DIY Distressed Shorts

by Sam P. July 30th, 2015| DIY, Fashion

The distressed and undone look is so in, but so expensive.  And of course it does seem redundant to buy shorts or pants that already have holes in them for more than the ones without holes.  It seems far smarter to me to buy a cheap pair of shorts
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5 Affordable Suit Jacket Alternatives

by Jessica B. July 29th, 2015| Office Wear, Women's Fashion
If your office has a more relaxed office policy, there are many options for an alternative to a blazer. Wearing a jacket to work can be useful for meetings and occasions where you have to meet with clients. It is also comfortable when the air conditioning is on a
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Body Chains

by Sam P. July 28th, 2015| Jewelry, Teen Fashion

Body chains have become all the rage this summer.  For any of you that follow Alexis Ren on Instagram, you already know how to rock one.  But for many of us, we don't even know what they are.  In short, a body chain


5 Super Cute T-Shirt Dresses Priced to Sell

by Marnie Bii July 27th, 2015| Bargains of the Week
A T-shirt dress is a soft, cool and comfortable wardrobe item you can wear without adornments or alongside your favorite accessories. The dress itself feels really casual and relaxed while still showing off your unique style and physique. You can find this type of dress in a number of
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Beautiful Stackable Rings for Under $10

by Lana Bandoim July 24th, 2015| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Stackable rings are a popular fashion trend, but you do not have to spend a lot to find beautiful rings. These rings are under $10 and can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be stacked together, worn separately, mixed together or stacked in different shapes and

4 Fantastic Tips: Plus Size Office Wear

by Lori Sciame July 23rd, 2015| Office Wear, Women's Fashion
At the office, one must present a professional image. After all, we all know that if we dress for success, we will feel more confident, and our supervisors (or subordinates) will view us as more competent.  Read this informative post to learn about dressing for work in a way
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Unique Casual Tank Tops Perfect for Summer

by Lana Bandoim July 22nd, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
Tanks tops are a classic staple of summer wardrobes, and they are versatile. However, unique tank tops are more difficult to find, and store shelves tend to be filled with plain or solid color versions. If you want your casual outfit to stand out, then you may want to
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Sam’s Suggestion on Sun Protection – The Cute Way

by Sam P. July 21st, 2015| Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion
Hats.  Hats are awesome.  Floppy sun hats, baseball hats, all sorts of hats.  Not only are they cute, and great for bad hair days, but they offer much needed protection from the sun to your face and scalp.  Most people forget that your scalp can burn, too.  And a

5 Stylish Wide Brimmed Hats for Under $20 Each

by Marnie Bii July 20th, 2015| Bargains of the Week
Shielding yourself from the sun must remain high on your summer to-do list to prevent the development of ill health effects. One of the most effective ways to protect your body is by using wide brimmed hats and clothing designed to block the sun. These apparel options will continue
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Best Summer Lip Products for Under $10

by Lana Bandoim July 17th, 2015| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Your lips need extra protection from the sun during the summer, but you do not have to settle for a boring ChapStick. These products are available in a variety of shades and have extra ingredients to add moisture to nourish your lips. They also have fun scents, colors and
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DIY Strip Lashes vs. Individual Lashes

by Sam P. July 16th, 2015| Beauty, DIY
For those of you who have ever worked with fake lashes before, you know that sometimes it is worth just going natural.  But for those of you that are more like me, you know that sometimes it is also worth the hassle.   Even with the tips I gave four
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