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1 Hot Place to Buy Accessories

by Lori Sciame October 30th, 2015| Accessories, Women's Fashion
I struck gold!  Well, not quite, but it feels like I did. Since learning about the awesome company Alex and Ani, I feel infinitely richer.  Not only does this company produce exquisite accessories at reasonable prices, they care about the earth as well as humanity. They proclaim their good

How to Find the Perfect Plus-size Evening Wear

by Cricket Webber October 29th, 2015| Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion
One of the scariest things that you can see as a plus-sized woman who doesn't attend formal events very often is the phrase "formal dress." That usually means finding the perfect evening gown or cocktail dress. And if you're not all that into shopping, really? It's even more frightening
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Choosing the Right Bra for Evening Wear

by Cricket Webber October 28th, 2015| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Evening wear is complicated stuff. If you wear the wrong foundation garments, you'll end up looking frumpy rather than elegant and refined. The problem is that there are so many different styles of bras out there, so which ones are best to wear with which type of neckline? Here
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Sam’s Suggestion on Summer to Fall

by Sam P. October 27th, 2015| Sam's Suggestions
Fall has been officially here for quite a while and it is starting to really feel like that.  But I still find it hard to officially retire my summer pieces.  Whether it is a romper, shorts, or a floral tank I love incorporating them into my fall outfits.  For

5 Shops Offering Cute Fringe Necklaces On Sale

by Marnie Bii October 26th, 2015| Bargains of the Week
Despite predictions, fringe accents continue to dominate the fashion industry, especially on the runways. If you want to integrate fringe into your wardrobe, but don't want to end up looking like a poster child of the 70s, you can use key accent pieces to dress up your style. Fringe
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Saving on Skincare: Use Your Products Correctly

by Cricket Webber October 23rd, 2015| Beauty Products, Women's Beauty
Have you ever looked at your skincare routine and wondered how you could improve it without spending a ton of money? The thing is, you're probably using one or more of your existing products wrong or at least mildly incorrectly. When you use your skincare products the way that
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How to Wear a White Button-down Shirt

by Cricket Webber October 22nd, 2015| Essentials, Women's Fashion
You've probably heard a thousand times that a classic white button-down shirt is a wardrobe staple that you should definitely have in your closet. But it's intimidating, because it's so clean and white, and where on earth can you wear something like that? The thing is, the white button-down
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3 Ways to Take Your Casual Work Top to Evening

by Cricket Webber October 21st, 2015| Casual Wear, Women's Fashion
You might think that you need to make room in your closet to have room for casual wear and evening wear. The truth, though, is that you don't have to do that. With current trends leading toward slimming down your wardrobe and making it more of a seasonal "capsule,"
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The Cutest Casual Tops for This Winter

by Sam P. October 20th, 2015| Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

OK, so I love blouses, but now I love them even more.  Tie blouses have become extremely popular for this winter and I am so excited about it (I call them tie blouses, but it is really more of a bow).  They are


4 Low Cost Cashmere Glove Options

by Marnie Bii October 19th, 2015| Bargains of the Week
Cashmere materials make for amazing gloves due to their incredible ability to insulate against the cold. The luxurious feel of the materials against your hands will always make you feel instantly pampered, no matter what you are wearing with it. Cashmere accessories can cost a pretty penny, however, due
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4 Awesome Shoe Accessories Under $10 That You Need

by Cricket Webber October 16th, 2015| Accessories, Women's Fashion
Taking care of—and buying—shoes isn't cheap, especially if you’re going for quality over quantity. So how can you take care of your shoe wardrobe without spending a fortune? The good news is that there are plenty of accessories that you can add to your shoe closet that will help

8 Pieces to Add to Your Plus-Size Wardrobe Now

by Cricket Webber October 15th, 2015| Essentials, Plus-Size Fashion
Building a wardrobe isn't all that difficult, but most of us tend to go about it haphazardly, picking up a piece here and a piece there. Personally, I've found that following a checklist of sorts helps me to make sure that I've got flattering pieces for my plus-size figure
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