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Stylish Winter Coats

by Sam P. December 22nd, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
Winter is one of my favorite fashion seasons because there's so much to wear.  Leggings, jeans, sweaters, jackets, and coats.  When I used to think of coats I thought of those hideous puffy, bubble coats our parents used to make us wear when we played out in the snow. 
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How to Find Easy Mix and Match Office Wear

by Jessica B. December 15th, 2016| Office Wear, Women's Fashion
I spend a lot of time working with corporate clients, and that means I need to spruce  up a bit more than when I work at home. The most important thing for me when choosing office wear is to find some great pieces that I can mix in a variety

How to Build a Party-Ready Wardrobe on a Budget

by Editorial Team December 9th, 2016| Women's Fashion
Whether your personal highlight is the huge quantities of free booze on offer or dancing to cheesy Christmas songs, there’s no denying the unparalleled fun of a festive night out.

In fact, there’s only one real drawback to the party season – trying to come up with several killer outfits to
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Emergency Kit to Keep in a Car or Purse

by Sam P. December 8th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
Emergency fashion kits are a very important thing to have, and you should always have one on hand with you.  I keep mine in my purse, but will probably be switching to my car soon as I prefer to carry around a small clutch and the kit takes up
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Budget Savvy Office Attire

by Lori Sciame December 1st, 2016| Office Wear
Smart women know a secret: office wear need not be season specific.  In fact, several clothing staples, if chosen carefully, can be part of a chic work wardrobe year round. It takes some forethought, but the money saved, plus the increase in the number of available outfit combinations is
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Tips for Choosing Designer Wedding Dresses

by Editorial Team December 1st, 2016| Women's Fashion
Even though most brides grow up with an idea of 'The One', the search for suitable designer wedding dresses means research could be key.

Essentially, this means that the bride must appreciate which styles of dress would suit their body style and the venue for the marriage.

This will mean having
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5 Multi-Task Hairbrushes for Style & Shine

by R. Carnavale November 22nd, 2016| Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion
When you're searching for the best hair products for your hair, in addition to shampoo, conditioner and mousse, you'll want to purchase a hairbrush that works well with your hair type, whether it's fine and straight or thick and curly. A great brush will help you achieve the style
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Teen Fashion Essentials

by Sam P. November 17th, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion
The three fashion essentials that will be highlighted today are the basic blazer, skinny jeans, and boots.  All three of these are necessary items to be storing in your closet.  They can all be worn in multiple ways, and are the base to all of your outfits.  In a
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Dressing Warmly for Cold Games

by Sam P. November 10th, 2016| Sam's Suggestions
As football playoffs approach, it seems that each game gets colder and colder, and as it gets colder your outfit becomes thicker and thicker.  The best way to dress warmly for the chilly fall games, and to not look like a marshmallow, is with layers that not only keep
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Long Pencil Skirts

by Sam P. November 3rd, 2016| Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

The junior section at Macy's is often hit or miss, but on the skirts recently it has been quite a hit.  This season I have been obsessed with long pencil skirts, the ones that hit at about mid-calf to just below the knee length.  They are great because they are
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Inspiring Cocktail Dress Styles

by Anna P. October 27th, 2016| Evening Wear, Women's Fashion
Dressing up is always fun, but dressing up for a party or cocktail event can sometimes be a little tricky. Do you need a cocktail dress? Can you wear your everyday sandals? What jewelry can you wear? The questions are endless, but the answers are not hard; we have
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Teen Fashion: Rings

by Sam P. October 20th, 2016| Essentials, Teen Fashion

Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with rings.  And not just “Oh, I love rings! They're so pretty, but OMG I need to get to the mall now to buy more rings!” Usually I don't bother with buying jewelry since it tends to be far too expensive for what
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