3 Inexpensive Rain Accessories You Need

by Cricket Webber | November 20th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

woman in rain (400x400)It’s shaping up to be one damp fall in most of the country this year, and it’s tougher than it sounds to get somewhere in that kind of weather without sacrificing something to the rain gods. Thankfully, there are a lot of really inexpensive rain gear ideas that can keep you and your essential electronics from getting too waterlogged.

A Tiny Foldable Poncho

Okay, this one sounds goofier than it is, honestly. But there are just times when an umbrella isn’t feasible at all. Or you have a smaller purse that day and you couldn’t fit even the smallest umbrella ever made in there. Believe me, one day you are going to be so happy that you put an itty bitty folding poncho in your bag just in case. The best part is that these are super inexpensive. So, if something happens to it, like it rips or you get it caught in a car door or something, you’re not out a lot.

A Waterproof Pouch

You won’t realize the genius of this until you need it. And you can find these little waterproof pouches just about everywhere for way less than $10. You can find them in sizes small enough for your smartphone and large enough for your tablet or even your netbook if it’s a tiny one. These are so invaluable for protecting your electronics if you get caught in the rain. And like the folding poncho, these guys stay folded up until you need them. Keep one in your purse or your laptop bag. You never know when you’ll get caught in the rain and still have to use the map on your phone, for example, so this is a great way to keep your electronics from getting absolutely soaked.

A Travel Umbrella

You didn’t think we were skipping this one altogether, did you? Nope, you can find really small travel umbrellas for less than $10 easily. It might not fit in your purse, depending on the bag of the day, but it will definitely fit in your laptop bag and it will definitely save you from an unexpected soaking. Some people hate the little sleeves that come with these, but they come in so handy. Fold the umbrella up as tightly as you can and slip it back into the sleeve. That keeps the spokes from getting all bent and crazy, which will make you throw your travel umbrella away tout de suite. Always let your umbrella dry out first, though, unless you love the smell of mildew.

And there you have it, three little accessories that can be big lifesavers when the rain just won’t stop.

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