3 Must Have Warm Weather Accessories

by Lori Sciame | May 15th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

woman in hat (400x400)The sun beams hello. A warm breeze tickles the skin. The smell of budding flowers wake up the nose.  All these sensations combine to beckon one to take advantage of outside activities.  Whether perusing brightly colored vegetables at a local farmer’s market or cheering for your favorite softball team, it’s time to have some fun in the sun.

To make sure you have a good time in the great outdoors, make preparations now.  The following three warm weather accessories will certainly help you to stay cool, dry, and sunburn free.

First, a woman needs a hat to protect the delicate skin on the face.  A bonus: hats are also a hot fashion accessory. For example, bucket hats have been gaining popularity, and this year they promise to be even hotter.  This hat features a roomy crown with small brim around the entire hat.  It protects the eyes, ears, and nose.

Bucket hats come in a variety of styles.  One can choose a fabric cotton version or a knitted version.  Prices vary wildly, but many styles are available for under $25.00.

Better yet, sew or knit your own, as patterns abound on the Internet. Follow this link to view a darling example of a sew it yourself denim bucket.

Another must have warm weather accessory is an umbrella. This handy item not only keeps you dry, it also blocks the sun’s harmful rays (and the wind). Plus, a woman looks chic when using one!

Totes carries a wide selection of darling umbrellas, from small to extra large. I adore the stick variety, as this style lands right in the middle sizewise.  It’s neither too large or too small.  Check out this cherry red stick umbrella from Totes. It retails for $22 online.

A final must have warm weather accessory is an effective sunscreen. (You read that right – sunscreen).  I firmly believe a woman’s skin must be kept in the best condition possible in order for her to look her best; therefore, sunscreen should be applied daily.

Manufacturer’s have more than answered the call for reasonably priced sunscreens. For instance, Olay is one company that has provided women with a sunscreen plus moisturizer for years.

As its product description states, “Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer SPF 30, Sensitive Skin gives your skin complete care, providing everything it needs most to stay beautiful, plus extra protection against sun damage in a light, non-greasy formula.”  All that for a little over $10.  Not a bad price for a must have accessory!

Women in the know understand that plenty of warm weather accessories exist, with some producing a take it or leave it attitude; however, the three mentioned above – hats, umbrellas, and sunscreens – are ones that every woman must own. These handy accessories will keep a woman cool, dry, and sunburn free.

So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!  Nature is calling.

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