3 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Beauty Lover

by Cricket Webber | December 11th, 2015 | Beauty Products, Women's Beauty

christmas stocking (400x400)For some gift givers, stocking stuffers are more complicated than the actual gifts are. If you’re gifting to someone who loves beauty and haircare products, though, you’re in luck. This year’s beauty trends are just right for tucking into a stocking. They also work well with each other when done in moderation, so it’s great for someone who wants to put together a whole look.

Red Hot Lips

Pure red lips are a trend that seems to come and go every few years, but they’re back in a big way this holiday season. The best versions are going to be deep and will resist streaking so that you’re not leaving little lip prints everywhere. Bright red lips also mean that you need precision, so don’t forget to include a matching lip liner. Lip scrub is another great companion so that your lips have a perfectly exfoliated canvas on which to start layering color. You might also want to jot down the links to some tutorials on YouTube that can help the recipient perfect her pout.


From fashion to shoes to makeup, metallic are so in this holiday season. For those looking for stocking stuffer ideas, that means eye shadows in a huge range of metallic. While you can pair this look with red lips, it can be overkill for some folks, so tread lightly if you plan to double up on the trends. The very best versions of metallic shadows give you a sheer, sparkly look when applied dry. When applied wet, though, you’re looking at a more liquid, molten effect. Blend the two application styles to really go to the mat with this trend.

Lashes for Days

The third big makeup trend for this holiday season is lashes that just go on and on. Mascara that emphasizes what you’ve already got work wonders, but what if your lashes are a little on the sparse side? If that’s a problem you’re dealing with, then false lashes are made for you. And you’re really in luck because there are more styles out there now than ever before. Applying false lashes takes some practice, though. Check out YouTube to see some pros tackling it. The big key, though, is to make sure that you trim them so that they match your eyelid’s width.

Mixing and matching some of these trends means that your stocking is going to be the hippest one under the tree.

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