3 Tips on Sexy Dressing: Plus Size

by Lori Sciame | January 8th, 2015 | Current Trends, Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion

shoulder (400x400)Women with a little meat on their bones have a definite advantage: sexy curves.  Who cares what the number on the scale says?  When a woman has bodacious curves, there’s no need to focus on something as irrelevant as numbers.  Instead, dress in a manner that accentuates your shape in a flirty manner.

Read on to learn three simple tips on how a plus size woman can dress sexily in order to attract the right kind of attention.

Peek a Boo Shoulders

Don’t discount the notion of playing peek a boo with the opposite sex.  For instance, dresses and blouses that feature one bare shoulder and one covered shoulder will certainly intrigue those around you.  Drop shoulder cowl neck sweaters are a great example of this sexy style.  Sleek cocktail dresses with one bare shoulder and one covered shoulder are also trendy this season.

You might also want to play peek a boo with your cleavage.  Remember, just a glimpse of your ample bust will amp up your sex appeal!

Show a Little Leg

My co-worker claims she has the most gorgeous calves in our office, and she dresses in a way that shows them off.  This means she not only dons tights with tunics, she wears dresses that hit just below the knee.

I admire her, as she chooses to highlight her body’s best feature.  While she may not be a size 4, or even a size 16, she most certainly DOES have gorgeous calves!

Wrap it Up

Another way a plus size woman can showcase her curves is by taking advantage of the wrap dress, a staple since the 1970’s.  This amazing piece of clothing looks awesome on women of every size and shape, as it creates the illusion of a small waist, and it emphasizes the bust line instead of the stomach area.

Another positive is that manufacturers have created these dresses in to die for fabrics, those that stretch in all the right places.  The designs on the fabrics have also been updated to give them a more “now” look.

It’s All About Highlighting

This post makes one thing perfectly clear – a plus size woman can make a choice to either hide or highlight her figure.  Since she has the advantage of possessing delightful curves, I am hopeful most will make the choice to dress in a manner that showcases her unique shape.  Remember, it’s mostly about a sassy attitude anyway!



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