3 Ugly Christmas Sweaters at Bargain Prices

by Donella Crigger | November 25th, 2013 | Bargains of the Week

sweaterIt’s almost that time again – time to break out the Christmas sweaters, that is. In offices and homes all over the country, folks will be donning their most festive apparel to wear to parties and gatherings. Let’s face it, a lot of those sweaters are ugly. In fact, those ugly sweaters have inspired people to have ugly sweater parties where the person with the ugliest Christmas sweater gets a prize (or bragging rights). If you’re on the lookout for an ugly Christmas sweater of your own, we’ve found three great choices for less than $20.

Rewind Critter Sweater

JC Penny is offering several sweaters with critters on the front, and this Rewind Critter Sweater featuring a reindeer is perfect for an ugly Christmas sweater party. It currently retails for $19.99. The store often runs promotions for an additional percentage off the sales price, so you may be able to get it even cheaper! It’s not machine washable, so if you plan to wash it before wearing, wash by hand and dry flat.

Aztec Penguin Print Neon Colorful Christmas Jumper

This penguin Christmas jumper offered by Forever through Amazon for $18.99 is the epitome of an ugly Christmas sweater. It features bright, bold patterns, lots of different colors and a giant penguin wearing a scarf and Santa hat on the front. You can’t get much uglier than this. Thankfully, this sweater is machine washable, so you can wear it as often as you’d like. We imagine it won’t be that often, though.

Schnauzer Christmas Sweater

Dog lovers, rejoice! There’s a sweater for you, too. This dog Christmas sweater is available from Walmart. It, too, is machine washable. The tusk-colored sweater features not one, not two, not three, but five very festive dogs on the front. A large schnauzer hops out of a gift box while four smaller ones adorn the bottom of the sweater. It retails for $18.44.

Tips for Even Bigger Bargains on Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you don’t want to drop $20 on a sweater that you’ll only wear once a year, check out your local thrift shops. Many of the stores will have them in stock around this time of year. If you don’t mind trying your hand at sewing or at least using fabric glue, you can create your own festive monstrosity. Glitter, fabric paint, cotton balls and some jingle bells can be combined to create something magical.

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