3 Ways to Wear Joggers

by Sam P. | February 17th, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

joggers (400x400)Joggers are really just a pair of sweat pants that synch at your ankles.  They are incredibly comfy and, unlike many pairs of sweatpants, look quite good on everyone.  I always worry that sweatpants will make my butt look saggy, but joggers are just snug enough that they cling to you just right and only to the places you want them to.  Many sweatpants you can only wear with sneakers.  Joggers are versatile enough to be worn with many types of shoes.

I personally like them with a pair of Tims and a comfy jacket.  They also look fabulous with a pair of converse and a sweatshirt.  If you want to be a bit riskier you can wear them with a pair of combat boots and a comfy sweater.  Joggers are also great for days when you just do not feel like trying.  With sneakers and a comfy sweatshirt you will be comfy and set for practice later.  Joggers are also great for days when you want to look nice, but don’t want to wear jeans or a skirt.  I find them just a bit comfier than leggings, but they are just as versatile.

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