4 Activewear Must-Haves for Exercise Newbies

by Lori Sciame | September 2nd, 2015 | Athletic Wear, Women's Fashion

woman working out (400x400)Congratulations!  You have decided to begin an exercise program. There’s no better time than now to begin working towards a new and improved you; however, please remember that transitioning to an active lifestyle requires the correct clothing.  Read on to learn about four activewear must-haves for exercise newbies.

First, you must purchase the correct bra for strenuous activity.  Depending on the type of exercise you have decided to give a try, you will need to purchase a low, medium, or high impact sports bra.  As you can probably guess, each type offers differing levels of support.  For instance, yoga calls for a low impact bra, while running requires a high impact bra.

Sports bras can be quite expensive, but there are versions available for reasonable prices. For instance, Macy’s has offered quality sports bras for under $20 in the past few months. Keep looking to find the best deals; you may even want to check out the outlet mall nearest you.

Next, purchase a few comfortable tops.  While many women work out only in a sports bra, those new to the exercise game will probably wish to have a bit more coverage, at least until you begin seeing results. For instance, lightweight t-shirts work well for beginners.  Purchase a few with short sleeves, as long sleeves sometimes restrict movement.  Cotton is fine for beginners; however, if you have a bit more cash to spend, opt for the moisture wicking versions. One manufacturer, Under Armour, boasts quality t-shirts with a unique moisture transfer system.

The third clothing item you will need is bottoms.  What works: shorts or pants that fit correctly – not too large or too small – and ones that allow unrestricted movement.  Cropped leggings work well for all types of workout activities, and if you purchase a long t-shirt, you won’t be embarrassed to wear these form fitting bottoms. If you are too shy at first, old fashioned sweatpants will do until you build your confidence.  One word of caution: do NOT work out in a tight pair of jeans, as doing so can cause chaffing!

Finally, if you will be exercising outside, the temperatures will soon begin dipping, so it is a good idea to purchase a light jacket.  A zippered hoodie would work well, and most cost very little. If you hope for a slimmer silhouette, you might want to opt for a tailored zippered jacket.  View several suitable examples here.  The idea is to keep your muscles warm so that you don’t end up in pain.

Isn’t it exciting to be embarking on this new fitness adventure?  I know you can do it, especially if you purchase the correct clothing essentials. The key is to begin slowly, and to not give up!

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