4 Amazing Hooded Wool Coats On Sale

by Marnie Bii | October 5th, 2015 | Bargains of the Week

clothing_3A hooded wool jacket can keep you totally dry and at a comfortable temperature in any type of weather. Therefore, if you buy a wool coat now, you will be able to wear it year round to make the most of your investment. Despite their beauty and versatility, wool coats do not always cost a fortune. You must know where to look for a hooded wool jacket, however, or the price could jump into the hundreds unexpectedly. Here are four places with hooded wool coats on sale right now.

Pink Queen

The combination of straight cut styling and adorable accents make this coat by Pink Queen a must-have accessory. This jacket features an extra wide hood to keep the rain and wind from hitting your face while out in the elements. The sleeves come down to the wrists and bottom seam ends right at the thighs for a full coverage fit. You can obtain this jacket in white or green tones. Both color options have black toggle buttons and trim accents along the pockets. You will only pay $59.85, with free shipping, to bring this jacket home today.

Eric Dress

The ultra cute hooded wool coat from Eric Dress will go with any outfit in your wardrobe. You can select between peppered light gray and near solid dark gray tones. The jacket design has a minimalist approach with hidden front clasps and a total lack of visible pockets. Just two single buttons sit along the breastbone for a timeless appearance. The wide hood provides protection from the elements when up and folds down neatly for a tucked away appearance when not in use. This jacket is priced to sell at just $53.67 plus shipping.


Macy’s offers a fitted and structured hooded wool coat at a discount right now. This double-breasted jacket features two rows of three buttons along the front and folded lapels at the collarbones. The small hood provides enough coverage without feeling bulky when not in use. The structured appearance is accomplished with stiff seams and a buttoned cinch at the back. Additional cinches at the wrists bring the design together. The jacket only comes in light grey tones at this time. This jacket will only cost you $44.99 plus shipping.

Luxury Lane

This hooded wool coat from Luxury Lane takes structured to a whole new level. The design features prominent seams along the pockets, shoulders, sleeves and front enclosure. The hood drapes across the shoulders beautifully with the double buttons sitting along the breastbone. The jacket comes in dark red, bright purple or rich black tones. Although this jacket is made with a wool blend, it has been treated to maintain its waterproof qualities even with constant use out in the elements. You will only have to pay a discounted price of $69.99 to take this jacket home with you today.

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